NCSIE NS0-181 vs NCSIE NS0-180

Hi. Just for asking. I'm planning to take an exam for Netapp Certificate for Netapp Certified Storage Installation Engineer and now i noticed the code of exam have changed from NS0-180 to NS0-181. So, my question is :


1) Is it any different format of exam for this code's?

2) Any material preparation that i can get for my preparation for this exam?

3) Is it suffiecient if the material that refer only from netapp learningcenter? (


Hope anyone here can sharing info about this. Thanks



Re: NCSIE NS0-181 vs NCSIE NS0-180



The main difference between NS0-180 and NS0-181 is that NS0-180 focused on cDOT 8.3 while NS0-181 focuses on ONTAP 9.1.


The preparation materials for the NS0-181 can be found here:


As far as what is sufficient, it depends on your comfort level with the materials tested. Review the link above, take the practice test, read the documents cited in the Reference Document.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager


Re: NCSIE NS0-181 vs NCSIE NS0-180

Hi mate,


I am also studying for NSO-181. 


I would suggest NCSIE - Installation class which I attended in Sydney ONTAP Clustered Installation Workshop (ILT)


This is a lab+learning 2 full days course which is excellent.


 I  would strongly recommend following two trainings (FOC) if you have NetApp login as this is basic of what you need.


NetApp Universal FAS Installation (WBT)

Introduction to NetApp Installation Standard (WBT)


Please note NetApp suggest you to study NCDA (not required) to take this test which makes sense as it clears lot of architecture stuff for new 9.1 version.


You need to have your logic and clear understanding across cabling all new controllers, shelves and supported switches (40g) ones and switches.


I would suggest doing the self study as per the syllabus which I am doing right now. When I registered for the exam it did mention there are two stages of the exam.


I think you require to pass the first stage to move to next one. 




  • Basic Installation Topics and Tools
    • Describe installation preparation steps
    • Describe basic equipment installation steps
  • ONTAP Concepts
    • Identify general cluster terms used during installation
    • Identify ONTAP licensing for 9.1
  • ONTAP Networking
    • Describe the cluster network, e.g., multi-node, single node clusters
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the purpose of the management network
    • Identify the networking components in a cluster environment
  • ONTAP Switches
    • Identify the functions of supported switches
    • Demonstrate knowledge of how to configure/verify configuration requirements
  • ONTAP Configuration
    • Describe how to use NetApp configuration best practices
    • Demonstrate knowledge of how a node should be added or replaced
  • Customer Handoff
    • Describe how to complete the service report
    • Demonstrate knowledge of handoff procedures to the customer
    • Demonstrate knowledge of how to communicate completion and possible problem status
    • Identify contacts for additional help after handoff 

Re: NCSIE NS0-181 vs NCSIE NS0-180

Thank for your reply on my inquiry. Just to ask whether with the two trainings (FOC) which is NetApp Universal FAS Installation (WBT) and Introduction to NetApp Installation Standard (WBT), it can be enough to me to pass the exam? Is it the topic in the exam completedly in there free module? Thanks


Re: NCSIE NS0-181 vs NCSIE NS0-180



NetApp Certification exams test beyond just what is taught in the classroom. We also test experience and strongly recommend that candidates for the NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP certification should have at least 6 to 12 months of experience with NetApp® ONTAP® solutions, including setting up, configuring, installing, testing, and troubleshooting NetApp storage systems.


Please work with the products and technology prior to taking the test as it will increase your likelihood of passing the exam.


Please contact me if you have any additional questions.


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager