CIFS: Mount share on SLES with SMB 2.x does not work


we trying to mount a NetApp CIFS share on SLES 11 with SMB 2.1 as follows:

Mount -v -o auto, username = xxxxxx, password = xxxxxx, workgroup = XXXXXX, uid = hostftp, gid = users, vers = 2.1, noserverino // <server> / <shared name> / <local_folder> / <local_subserver>

Mount and access work, but the mount seems to be done with SMB 1 only:

CLUSTER ::> vserver cifs sessionshow -vserver SVM_XXXXXXX -fields shares, windows-user, idle-time, session-id, address, protocol-version, user-type, files
Node vserver session-id connection-id address windows-user shares files idle-time protocol-version user-type
-------- ------------ ------------------------------------------------ ------- --------------- ------ ----- --------- -------- -------- -----------
NodeXX SVM_XXXXXXX 1 932666088 NNN.18.121.131 DOMAIN \ hostftp 2 0 1m 29s SMB1 domain-user


NodeXX SVM_XXXXXXX 12261331460493166545 932952775 NNN.NN.1.187 DOMAIN \ VNNNN1 2 3 21m 47s SMB2_1 domain-user
NodeXX SVM_XXXXXXX 12261331460493203961 932990989 NNN.NN.187.108 DOMAIN \ VNNNN2 1 9 5s SMB2_1 domain-user
NodeXX SVM_XXXXXXX 12261331460493216289 933003440 NNN.NN.84.10 DOMAIN \ vNNNN3 1 9 1m 56s SMB2_1 domain-user


Mounting CIFS-shares using SMB 2.1  works well on Windows-Clients (see above - windows-user: DOMAIN \ VNNNNx )

(System FAS8040 running ONTAP 9.1P3)

Any idea?
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Re: CIFS: Mount share on SLES with SMB 2.x does not work

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Hi Michael,

SLES11 does not support SMB2 because it's not supported in kernel 3.0.101.

You must use SLES12 in order to mount SMB2.1.


Here you can see current SLES linux kerner version:


Here you can see CIFS support based on kernel version:


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Re: CIFS: Mount share on SLES with SMB 2.x does not work

we use OnTAP 8.2.4 7-Mode and the newest SLES 12 SP3 but with SMB 2.0 /2.1 we can only use smbclient but not mount.cifs. We get always the problem:


mount error(95): Operation not supported
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)

and the kernel reports:


[10999.379311] CIFS VFS: ioctl error in smb2_get_dfs_refer rc=-2
[10999.384622] CIFS VFS: cifs_read_super: get root inode faile

we have opened a SUSE case which mentioned that we get something back from netapp filer which is wrong. Have anybody get it work?