SnapLock Compliance with CIFS shares & Windows Explorer...


I've got a FAS2040 (Ontap 8.1) with SnapLock Compliance enable on a CIFS volume.

I've got two questions:

I can't see the expiration date on Windows7 Explorer; I can see in Properties Created, Modified, Accessed time.

Is there any possibility to see the expiration date (end of retention period) on the file from windows explorer?

When the retention period on the file is over, I still have the Read Attribut on the file.

Is this normal?

Thanks in advance for your support.



Re: SnapLock Compliance with CIFS shares & Windows Explorer...

Hi Jacques

SnapLock functionality is pretty simple. Copy the file, set the retention period with modifying the File access date and set the read-only flag. If a file retention period is over, you have to first remove the read-only flag and then delete the file. So yes, this is normal.