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SnapMirror over Multiple Paths

Is it possible to use SM over multiple paths as to mirror half the volumes over one path and the other half over a second path on the SAME filer?

Looking at the backup and recovery guide snapmirror.conf file example suggests the all volumes would either multiplex over both interfaces or use the same active interface in the failover mode. It would be good if I could use failover mode and specify different active interfaces (using failover mode) for different SM relationships.

Re: SnapMirror over Multiple Paths

Hi nsitps1976 ,

It's possible if you creat 2 qtree under the volume. Each qtree have half the volume.

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Re: SnapMirror over Multiple Paths

Sorry, I did not make myself clear. I am using a SAN environment in which LUNs do not reside with qtrees.

Your answer suggests you can have mutual connection entries  within snapmirror.conf (with different active interfaces) and then use these to create your snapmirror relationships (and hence split your volumes over two separate interfaces. Is this correct?

Re: SnapMirror over Multiple Paths

Yes nsitps1976 ,

That's correct.

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Re: SnapMirror over Multiple Paths

Thanks Henry - I had already tried it out this morning with success. Thanks for the help, happy Saturday