Volume id or number

Hi Team ,

I am getting below error messages.

Sun Jun 23 20:14:29 JST [filername: Gb_Enet-VI/e0d:warning]: Client X.X.X.X (xid 2246074082) is trying to access an unexported mount (fileid 100, snapid 0, generation 13620405 and flags 0x0 on volume 0x13a8934

I do understand this error messages but i am not sure for which volume the errors are coming.  Its mentioned as --> volume 0x13a8934 .

How to de-crypt this ? How to get volume name from ID or Number in messages file.



Re: Volume id or number

That is the NFS fsid for that volume. I know you can get the FSID of a volume by going into 'priv set advanced' and execute a 'vol read_fsid [volname]' but I'm not sure how to do the reverse.