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cannot create CIFS vserver

hi All

i am trying to create a cifs vserver on a simulator (8.1.2) but getting an error on the time difference

Error: Machine account creation procedure failed

  [     3] Loaded the preliminary configuration.

  [    42] Created a machine account in the domain

  [    42] Connecting to LSA server dc1.test.local (

**[   264] FAILURE: Cluster and Domain Controller times differ by

**         more than the configured clock skew

  [   264] Unable to connect to dc1.test.local through the


  [   265] No servers available for MS_LSA, vserver: 2, domain:


  [   265] Could not find Windows SID


Error: command failed: Failed to create the Active Directory machine account "BACKUP". Reason: SecD Error: no server available.

both the controller and DC are the same time so not sure ehy i am gettting this error.

any suggestions?

Re: cannot create CIFS vserver

Is the time zone different?  Maybe it shows the same time but in a different time zone, so the actual time is different.

Re: cannot create CIFS vserver

Scot there all set to UTC

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Re: cannot create CIFS vserver

How many network interfaces on the SVM and is routing setup?

net int show -vserver vsname

net routing-group route show -vserver vsname

Re: cannot create CIFS vserver

hi scott, all this is on my test lab and all is on a 10.1.1.x network. Below is thncme output:

cluster1::> net int show

  (network interface show)

            Logical    Status     Network            Current       Current Is

Vserver     Interface  Admin/Oper Address/Mask       Node          Port    Home

----------- ---------- ---------- ------------------ ------------- ------- ----


            cluster_mgmt up/up       cluster1-01   e0b     true



                         up/up        cluster1-01   e0a     true

            mgmt1        up/up       cluster1-01   e0d     true


            cifs       down/down      cluster1-01   e0b     true

            data_lif1    up/up      cluster1-01   e0a     true


                         up/up      cluster1-01   e0a     true

6 entries were displayed.

cluster1::> net routing-groups show

  (network routing-groups show)


Vserver   Group     Subnet          Role         Metric

--------- --------- --------------- ------------ -------



               cluster-mgmt      20



               intercluster      40


               node-mgmt         10



               data              20

4 entries were displayed.


Re: cannot create CIFS vserver

Scot, spun a new VM and promoted it to DC and then added my cifs vserver.

thanks for hte help