In desperate need of help with StoreVault s550

Hello everyone. My company sold a StoreVault s550 to a great customer a few years back. Their server crashed a few days ago and now we have to re-install the StoreVault Manager software, which the no longer have. The StoreVault is no longer sold, the support is no longer available, and the maintenance contract can not be extended as it is EOL.

This is NOT a grey market StoreVault, it is legally registered in the system with our company name, as we have received support on it a few times, while it existed.

We are in desperate need of the software, but are being ignore by every channel with NetApp - ZERO SUPPORT!!

Can someone PLEASE help to get access to this software. PLEASE HELP!!!


Jake Rog

GO Technology Management, LLC.

Re: In desperate need of help with StoreVault s550

Hi Jake,

You will need to contact your local account team.  I imagine that support will have to be renewed from the time it lapsed to present.  The last released version does seem to be available, but you will need access to download it.

You indicate that you are being ignored by every NetApp channel.  If you can provide the name of your channel representative, I will ask him to contact you.  Please provide that information directly to me.

We'll do what we can to help you.