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How to View WFA DB

What tools are there out there that I could use to see the WFA database populated by OCUM? Is there an internal capability in WFA, or does NetApp reccommend something?



Re: How to View WFA DB

The WFA database is MySQL based so you can use any MySQL based tool to view it. I personally usually use the portable version of heidisql. You can use the following credentials to connect to WFA database:
User: wfa
Pass: Wfa123

There are references on the documentation on how to do this as well. There is also love scheme information in the help section once you log into your WFA instance.

Re: How to View WFA DB

Man autocorrect got me.. live not love.

Re: How to View WFA DB

Note that if you're not working _on_ the WFA server, you first ened to enable public access to the database using


.\wfa --db-access=public --restart

See docs for details.


Re: How to View WFA DB

Thanks for that information. Would have probably missed it if you hadn't mentioned it.