NetApp-Harvest support for OCUM 7.2?


I just upgraded Oncommand Unified Manager to version 7.2RC1 and I've installed and configured NetApp-Harvest 1.3.

There was no template for OCUM 7.2x so I copied the template ocum-7.1.0.conf to ocum-7.2.0.conf hoping that this would be close enough.

This seems to work with the exception of a few high level efficiency graphs coming up empty (drill down graphs are accurate).


When will there be official support for OCUM 7.2 in NetApp Harvest?



Re: NetApp-Harvest support for OCUM 7.2?

Hi @LiaPenn


I am working on an update to Harvest to add support for OCUM 7.2 and ONTAP 9.2 but in the meantime your renaming the file trick and hoping for the best would also be my recommendation.  I'll update the community when the update is available.


Chris Madden

Solution Architect - 3rd Platform - Systems Engineering NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

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Re: NetApp-Harvest support for OCUM 7.2?


Re: NetApp-Harvest support for OCUM 7.2?

ONTAP 9.2 is GA today. I am looking forward to OCUM 7.2 support.



Re: NetApp-Harvest support for OCUM 7.2?

When you say "I'll update the community" can I safely assume it will be to this thread? If not could you point me to where I should be watching?

Re: NetApp-Harvest support for OCUM 7.2?



my existing Harvest configuration kept colelcting OCUM data when I have upgraded to 7.2RC1, but stopped after the upgrade to 7.2 GA. On the other hand, the Graphana admin GUI offered to force generate templates for the new version, and I guess that is pretty much the same solution, reusing the 7.1 template for 7.2 as well.