No Perf Data after upgrade to 5.2.2P1

5.2P1 to 5.2.2P1 upgrade and Netapp Managment Console from 3.3P1 to 3.3.3

After the upgrade the performance collections stopped.



Already checked the following:

- Performance Adivsor Checklist shows all the checks as passsed.

- storage status: green

- tried "real time" collections: NO data being collected/shown

- dfm diag host  shows no errors

- dfm itself collects data and alerting works

- host system reboot; still the same

- checked the perfdata, under the backup file; all files seems to be maxed out.



- perf collection stopped after upgrade.

- dfm perf data describe -v volume <netapp> shows "used space" being the same as "max projected space";

- ALL the files under perfdata folder are maxed out


D:\Program Files\NetApp\DataFabric Manager\DFM>dfm perf data describe -v volume mynetapp
Counter Group: volume
Host Name: mynetapp
File Name: perf_10_132_67
Number Records: 10080
Sample Rate: 1.0 minutes
Max Records: 10080
Used Space: 100 MB
Max Projected Space: 100 MB
Oldest Record: Thu Jun 22 12:43:58 2017
Newest Record: Thu Jun 29 13:44:55 2017  - this is the time of the upgrade.



Any suggestions?


Re: No Perf Data after upgrade to 5.2.2P1

We had same issue, no perf data gathered after DFM server upgrade to 5.2.2P1

What helped:
On DFM we had issues with XML
dfm host diag NASNAME
XML (https port 443)   No permission to use 'hostsequiv' authentication, must be root. 


What was done on NAS + DFM:
SSL -> verified it is ON (was ON -> no change)
TLS -> verified it is ON (was OFF -> turned ON)
options httpd.admin.enable -> verified it is ON (was OFF on some servers -> turned ON)

dfm host diag NASNAME
checked if HTTPSXML (https port 443) Passed