WFA 2.1, track object creation feature

We are running WFA One of the reasons for us for WFA 2.1 is to have an ability to track new object creation such a volumes, policies, LUN's, etc so we don't have to wait for next acquisition to happen to cache objects. The good news it works for volumes now. The bad news it's not working for export policies. While attempting to create a new export policy it works fine for the first time, but it fails with "duplicate entry" next time until a new policy get cached from DFM. Is it expected behavior? Anything I can do on WFA to make it work?

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      This command "create export policy" for scheme cm_storage has this limitation in WFA2.1RC1. It doesn't have reservation and congruence scripts. So this is expected behavior with this command in this WFA version.

    I'll file a bug to get track this issue and perhaps it will be fixed in future releases. If you too want to track it, you can raise a case with NGS.

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Re: WFA 2.1, track object creation feature

Has this issue been resolved yet in a later version of 2.1? 

Cache reservations of export policies would be a great feature to have...

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This is not resolved in 2.1 GA either.