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import custom reports and dashboard in Oncommand 7.3.1


I am new to OCI and I have beem playing around with it. I came across the user created reports in the automation store. I was wanting to import them into OCI but I am having trouble. 

I did see this thread and used the .pdf to try an import the customer reports.


The steps i have taken are the following. It could be that the current user created reports will not work with 7.3, But Just in case I am doing something incorrect i thought i would throw this out there and see if I can get an answer. Any Help would be appreciated.



 1. download the .zip file into the deploymnet folder loaction on the DWH server.




2. I open the IBM Cognos Administration and then try to  import the report. 



 3.  I select the name of the file i wish to import and then I recieve this error. 



Re: import custom reports and dashboard in Oncommand 7.3.1

Hello,   You want to follow the instrustions provided in the link below to import reports from the automation store.   I also pasted them below for your conviencance.

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  1. Log Into the Operational Servers WebUI using admin/admin123
  2. Launch the Reporting Portal from the upper right hand main menu
  3. Login to the reporting portal with admin\admin123
  4. Click on the "Launch" menu pull down, then select Report Studio
  5. Select the Packages folder, Then select ANY package
  6. Select Create New
  7. Select the "Blank" report type 
  8. Using Notepad open one of the downloaded storefront .txt report files, this is actually HTML code for the report. Within notepad press Control-A to select all the contents of the report txt file,  Then Control-C to copy all the selected text
  9. Within Report Studio Select Tools from the main menu bar  and select Open Report from Clipboard
  10. Paste using Control-V the text into the open report from the clipboard. The report will now appear in Report Studio Desktop
  11. Save the report to My Folders and name it the name of the original .txt file (omitting “.txt”) 
  12. To import additional reporting templates, Click on File / New and repeat steps 7-11 .

Re: import custom reports and dashboard in Oncommand 7.3.1

i should note that you will need to unzip (extract)  the file download to be able to view aand copy the text file contents


Re: import custom reports and dashboard in Oncommand 7.3.1

dbourque, Thanks so Much! It worked like a charm.  I was looking at trying to import thru Report Studio, but I couldnt figure out how to import/copy the text into the new report. 


Thanks again!