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offbox_vscan not sending data to graphite.

[ Edited ]

Based on the "NetApp Harvest Administration Guide" I created a new poller configuration for offbox_vscan statistics, below is the contents of the new template file.


-----------------------------------------------------Additional Template start-------------------------------------------------------------


%poller =   (

	'offbox_vscan' =>
				counter_list     => [ qw(instance_name instance_uuid
								connections_accepted  connections_active  connections_filer_disconnected  connections_filer_disconnected_on_error  
								connections_filer_disconnected_timedout  connections_received  connections_rejected  connections_remote_disconnected  
								connections_total_disconnected  dispatch_latency  dispatch_latency_base  dispatch_latency_histogram
								process_name  scan_latency  scan_latency_base  scan_latency_histogram  scan_noti_dispatched  scan_noti_dispatched_rate  
								scan_noti_pending  scan_noti_received  scan_noti_received_rate  scan_noti_timedout  scan_on_close  
								scan_on_open  scan_on_read  scan_on_rename  scan_request_dispatched  scan_request_dispatched_rate  scan_request_pending  
								scan_request_requeued  scan_request_timedout  scan_resp_clean  scan_resp_failed  scan_resp_failed_access_denied  
								scan_resp_failed_bad_reputation  scan_resp_failed_bad_reputation_quarantined  scan_resp_failed_block  
								scan_resp_failed_block_file_access_generic  scan_resp_failed_busy  scan_resp_failed_encrypted_container  
								scan_resp_failed_expired_license  scan_resp_failed_extract_depth  scan_resp_failed_extract_size  scan_resp_failed_extract_time  
								scan_resp_failed_infected_replace_failure  scan_resp_failed_internal_error  scan_resp_failed_internal_error_block  
								scan_resp_failed_internal_timeout  scan_resp_failed_internal_timeout_block  scan_resp_failed_malformed_container  
								scan_resp_failed_no_license  scan_resp_infected_action_unknown  scan_resp_infected_deleted  scan_resp_infected_noblock  
								scan_resp_infected_quarantined  scan_resp_infected_renamed  scan_resp_infected_repair_failed  
								scan_resp_infected_repair_failed_quarantined  scan_resp_infected_repair_failed_readonly  
								scan_resp_infected_repair_quarantine_failed  scan_resp_infected_repaired  
								scan_resp_internal_error_noblock  scan_resp_internal_timeout_noblock  	
									) ],
				graphite_leaf    => 'svm.{instance_name}.vscan',
				enabled          => '1'


-----------------------------------------------------Additional Template stop-------------------------------------------------------------


I added the poller as addtional template in netapp-harvest.conf


template = default,cdot-vscan.conf


When starting the worker manually with verbose it outputs the variables to the screen

./netapp-worker -poller my-nas -v
-------Lines removed-------------
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan] Starting new poll data batch [0 to 0 of 0], batch size is [500]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [connections_accepted] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [connections_active] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [connections_filer_disconnected] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [connections_filer_disconnected_on_error] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [connections_filer_disconnected_timedout] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [connections_received] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [connections_rejected] = [0]
-------Lines removed-------------
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [scan_resp_infected_repair_failed] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [scan_resp_infected_repair_failed_quarantined] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [scan_resp_infected_repair_failed_readonly] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [scan_resp_infected_repair_quarantine_failed] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [scan_resp_infected_repaired] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [scan_resp_internal_error_noblock] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan][6][my-svmnas-01] [scan_resp_internal_timeout_noblock] = [0]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] [offbox_vscan] data-list poller next refresh at [2017-02-15 11:41:00]
[2017-02-15 11:40:08] [DEBUG  ] Sleeping [52] seconds


But nothing is sent to graphite, iether when running separately or when running under the manager.


I added the smb2 example to the same file and smb2 data was sent to graphite.


Why does vscan data not get sent to graphite??.




Re: offbox_vscan not sending data to graphite.

To answer my own question, It is working.


AV was disabled on SVM because of a performance issue, so I disabled scans on all CIFS volumes, enabled AV on the SVM and setup an OnDemand scan.  Voila Data.


I believe data is only collected if its changing.

Re: offbox_vscan not sending data to graphite.

Hi @Deligatedgeek


Indeed, Harvest only submits non-zero data.  If it submitted zeros too there would be a lot more metrics submitted (ex: per protocol stats for every volume even though quite likely only 1 protocol is active).  Sometimes you want zeros, but usually not.


Glad you got it working and were able to add some customized counters for collection; this is exactly what I was hoping to enable with Harvest!


If you care to share your conf file and grafana dashboards I'm sure others might like to have them, or I could incorporate into a future version of Harvest.


Chris Madden

Solution Architect - 3rd Platform - Systems Engineering NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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