Encore! – Celebrating NetApp across Asia in 2016

This year has been a phenomenal year for the data industry. Countries around the world have been abuzz with much discussion around Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Security. As a leader in data management and storage, NetApp is proud to be at the forefront of these conversations, adding our insights and unique points of view, along with our Data Fabric vision.


As we approach the last quarter of the year, let’s recap some of the amazing moments from 2016!


Connecting with Media and Creating Meaningful Conversations


1 Rick Scurfield, Krish Arani and Tara Bal with regional and local media.png

Rick Scurfield, Krish Arani and Tara Bal with regional and local media


We ushered in the New Year together with our media colleagues over an evening of drinks and insightful conversations, during which Rick Scurfield, President, NetApp APAC, and Krish Arani, Managing Director, NetApp East Asia, shared their thoughts on the past year and reinforced how NetApp is delivering steadily on expectations, despite the global economic headwinds.


They shared that 2016 is the Year of Innovation, with data and technology playing key roles. As a result, the global landscape of Digital Transformation will pave the way for NetApp to redefine the customers’ experience, and help them achieve greater levels of productivity and differentiation.


NetApp and NASDAQ 20th Anniversary


2 NetApp and NASDAQ 20th Anniversary.png


On 28 January, NetApp marked its 20th year as a publicly listed company on the NASDAQ stock exchange.  Technology has evolved tremendously since we began in 1995, from DVDs in the 90s to today’s Augmented and Virtual Reality. We’re excited to see how technology and data will continue to evolve, shape and improve our lives in future. Check out our infographic showcasing the evolution of data over the past 20 years.


Inspiring the next generation of IT talent


3 Rick Scurfield and Tara Bal with the faculty and student participants from S P Jain School of Global Management.png

 Rick Scurfield and Tara Bal with the faculty and student participants from S P Jain School of Global Management


With the global digital revolution, talent in the IT sector is in short supply. One of the biggest hurdles in developing a steady supply of talent is the lack of necessary work experience and specialized skills. At NetApp, we recognize the importance of cultivating the next generation of talent entering the industry, with a wide range of initiatives in the education sector.


As part of this commitment, Rick Scurfield joined the S P Jain School of Global Management in March to present his experience and insights to over 45 students who are studying a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). He also shared the latest technology trends, as well as some personal career tips with the students, who were keen to soak up as much advice as Rick was able to share.


Secure Cities: A NetApp Dialogue on Data Security and Privacy


4 Sheila Fitzpatrick, Rick Scurfield, Krish Arani and Tara Bal along with invited industry speakers.png

 Sheila Fitzpatrick, Rick Scurfield, Krish Arani and Tara Bal along with invited industry speakers


In August, we hosted Secure Cities: A NetApp Dialogue in Singapore with over 50 key partners, industry leaders, guests and media in attendance. Nine experts representing global organisations such as INTERPOL, Kitaab, Splunk, Symantec, and the University of Tokyo joined with NetApp to share a range of ideas and perspectives about the critical role data does and will play in securing Smart Cities.


Our Global Chief Privacy Officer, Sheila FitzPatrick, also joined the discussions, sharing her international expertise and regional perspectives on how APAC is influencing and contributing to global initiatives related to data privacy.


The event built upon the success of last year’s inaugural NetApp Smart City Dialogue, which highlighted the fundamental importance of an open data ecosystem in the development of Smart Cities. Expanding the scope of the conversation beyond Singapore into Asia Pacific, media from our neighboring ASEAN markets also participated in this year’s dialogue.

As we look to continue to contribute to and drive trending conversations amongst our colleagues and peers on today’s most pressing issues, the Dialogue was an invaluable opportunity to share knowledge and expertise in data privacy and security.


5 Krish Arani welcoming our media guests from ASEAN over dinner.png

 Krish Arani welcoming our media guests from ASEAN over dinner


Singapore Grand Prix 2016: Val takes the wheel to talk about technology in F1


6 Val Bercovici and Tara Bal – all prepared for Formula 1.png

 Val Bercovici and Tara Bal – all prepared for Formula 1


We roared into September with F1 Fever!


Often regarded as one of the most dramatic races on the Formula 1 calendar, the Singapore Grand Prix was back for another exciting run this year. Behind the grit and glitz are months of grueling and intelligent preparation, supported by streams of data gathered over multiple races and practice runs. F1 drivers have also long been kitted out in sci-fi worthy technology that produces data-driven insights which helps them to race smarter.


With NetApp being an integral technology part of the F1 motorsports arena since 2007, this year we set pulses racing with a series of video interviews featuring Val Bercovici, Global CTO of NetApp SolidFire, against a backdrop of sleek supercars and the famous Singapore skyline. If you haven’t yet watched, take a look at the episodes below to hear Val’s insights into the role of big data and technology in F1:


  1. Explaining the Cutting Edge Technology in F1
  2. Key Trends in F1 and Sports
  3. Digital Transformation & Smart Cities
  4. Val’s prediction for who would take to the podium – was he right?!


Industry Insights and Perspectives with Rick Scurfield, President of NetApp APAC


Unlocking Data Potential with the Right Balance of Data and IoT


7 Unlocking Data Potential with the Right Balance of Data and IoT.png

In May’s issue of APAC CIO Outlook, Rick discussed how businesses can build the foundations for a strong data environment by “Finding the Right Balance of Data and IoT”.


Acknowledging the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the massive amount of data that comes with it, he discussed the importance of managing data efficiently, and shared valuable insights on how business leaders can unlock data potential and drive innovation by incorporating into their businesses a seamless data fabric. 


 Cybersecurity Cannot Be Taken For Granted


Cyber attacks wake up call


As countries become more digitally connected, they inadvertently become more susceptible to cyber-attacks. This is especially true for Asia, with companies in Asia being targeted by attackers 40 per cent more than the global average. Even governments are stepping up their cyber defense game – the Singapore government, for instance, is restricting internet access on public servants’ work stations to prevent cyber espionage.


Recognizing cyber security as an increasingly pressing problem, Rick talked about the importance of having a robust data security system in place and cautioned smaller businesses and SMEs against downplaying the risk of cyber-attacks. After all, cyber-attacks can affect any enterprise – everyone, regardless of size, has a part to play in ensuring data and cyber security.


Driving sport performance with Big Data


Big Data How it can drive sport performance.png


Can Big Data drive sporting miracles? In September, Rick contributed a piece to The Straits Times that explored the power of data in driving performance in sport.


Giving an in-depth analysis of the role data in sport, he offered a nuanced understanding of how data and technology can help athletes of various sports such as F1, soccer, American football, swimming and tennis make strategic decisions. Rick also shed some insight on how big data can be useful to other industries beyond sports, such as the commercial and healthcare industries.


More to come…


2016 has certainly been an amazing year so far and we can’t wait to end the year with more exciting updates coming your way! Stay tuned to our Twitter feed @NetAppAPAC or keep checking our blog for news.




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