In the Driver’s Seat with Val Bercovici

Val Bercovici, CTO of NetApp SolidFire, chats with Tara Bal, Head of Communications for NetApp APAC ahead of this year’s Singapore Grand Prix


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Often regarded as one of the most dramatic races on the Formula 1 calendar, the Singapore Grand Prix is back for another exciting run this year. Behind the grit and glitz are months of grueling and intelligent preparation supported by streams of data gathered over multiple races and practice runs.


As a provider of data management solutions, we are excited to be able to work with some of the world’s top F1 teams to provide state-of-the-art systems to manage and store data generated during the race.


Longtime NetApp Cloud Czar, Global CTO for NetApp SolidFire, and unabashed F1 fan Val Bercovici, who has seen countless F1 races as part of our technical partnership and support to the Sauber team dropped by Singapore to break down the Big Data behind the race and tell us what it really means in a technology- and data-driven sport such as F1.



The big buzz in the world of technology today is the emergence of driverless cars, which could not have been possible without the race engineers that first tested out innovative sensor technologies in F1. Closer to daily life, that snazzy smart sports band on your wrist also has its roots in sports where F1 drivers and athletes have long been kitted out in sci-fi worthy wearable tech to monitor their vital stats. 



As many cities transform themselves into Smart Cities, many F1 technology and strategies are extremely relevant and applicable to this digital transformation. In fact, Val notes that strategizing for F1 shares many similarities as planning for and running a Smart City.


Though F1 has essentially different goals from a Smart City, a similar approach is taken to orchestrate IoT applications and leverage Big Data management to influence a win and keep the various technology and data components running cohesively.


In both Smart Cities and F1, the technical, technological and human factors have to work together seamlessly.



As for who Val thinks will win this weekend’s race? Keep watching!



We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching another one of NetApp APAC’s unique perspectives on the exciting world of Smart Cities, IoT, Digital Transformation and Formula 1. Make sure you follow us at @RickScurfield, @Tara_P_Bal and @NetAppAPAC for more insights. And while you’re here, check out some of the hottest stats behind F1 and behind-the-scenes images of our fun shoot below!


F1 Fast Facts [1]


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Images via Twitter @F1



Behind the scenes with Val Bercovici


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Welcome to Singapore, Val! It’s great to see you again and hear all about the latest data and F1 technologies.


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Val and I discussing the IoT trends that we see in the automobile and retail industries today.


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NetApp SolidFire’s resident expert in everything data, F1, cars and sports - Val Bercovici shows us a thing or two about supercars!


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And he’s off! Val takes the Lamborghini Gallardo out for a spin around Singapore.


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Thank you for the wonderful insights on Smart Sports, Val! We’ll never watch F1 the same way again!



 [1] You can Read more at 8 facts and secrets you didn’t know about the Singapore F1 Grand Prix ( All images reproduced in the infographic are credited to



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