Back from VMworld. - modern IT needs enhanced apps services and processes

Some days ago I was lucky enough to attend VMworld in Barcelona. While the industry's hotiest news was out, numerous interesting sessions and discussions took place. 

Of course there is a need to modernize IT, but this has been the same fascinating race for years, at least since I have been started, some (...) years ago.


As a fun start, we did not have just a flash array on the booth but a flashy racing game to help our visitors experience what speed may be and how you feel when you are off track.


vmworld voiture.JPG


Interestingly enough it keeps on accelerating years after years and the flash momentum is a nice representation of what our landscape looks like.

But the need for speed has been completely underestimated so far, and now it is like a must embrace for all of us, and it plays at all stages of the game.

Nonetheless the drives are going faster, but  the apps have too.


Key partnership like the one NetApp and VMware has for many years is a corner stone and has never been so strong. I cannot write this without mentioning

some great common work we are doing on the EVO:RAIL project towards modernizing our customer IT. 



What we demonstrate here is not just speed per se in the execution piece of technology we provide, but it is really about evolving the IT processes in

order to reinvent what apps provisioning has to be in order to enable modern IT.


In the meantime, I also got the chance to participate in a round table about vvol.


It may Sound like it is not connected with what I just mentioned  a bit more technical, right?

Perhaps not that much, but let's have a look.


So the starting question was as simple as: do you support vvol?

Well, beside that a short answer could have been yes indeed, from the very early beginning, this is worth some more insights here.

Anyone sitting next to me to explain that yes we do support vvol, this is a new datastore format, this will speed up snapshots, which is something

we have done for decades at NetApp ..., blabla..., the debate started being really technical, and I was not happy of the content.

Because this is not just about this. It is far more, and all my counterparts were missing the point.


I must  admit that I am still amazed being here at NetApp by the fact that we are continuing creating the innovative difference and I am proud of this achievement.

Innovation is not just speeds and feeds, it is also about thinking differently and looking ahead. At NetApp we do exactly this.


Moving to vvol is not just about yet another new format, you have to have a good reason for a change, and that good reason is motivated by modernizing the IT,

accelerating enterprise processes, and apps provisioning. Embracing vvol is the start of a long journey and one has to know this.


Technology maturity is ready for real life dev and tests, perhaps a bit too soon for production, not because of it, but it makes no sense alone as I just explained.


Yes this is a nice and cool piece of technology, but you have to think ahead. We are defining tomorrow's jobs moving towards managing apps to speed up our

company's businesses, and we have to take care of of the protocols, the data format or the type of RAID. Yes nostalgia may place you where you are today,

but this is not the end and great opportunities are ready to be embraced.


NetApp helps you think ahead and keep control of your data while modernizing your Infrastructure.


Time is now, as we used to say, and we really mean it.


For the Product, Solutions ans Alliances EMEA Marketing team

Jean-François Marie