Cloud Types for Observers

As an ex-weatherman, or rather a Cyberman who worked in a weatherman's world, I just could not resist the reference to an old book which described all the cloud types we had to learn to do the job - Cloud types for Observers. It struck me that with the emergence of cloud computing the complexities are similar. In meteorology there are high level fluffy clouds of little substance, medium level clouds that don't quite  know what they are, and low level clouds that bring gloomy days. Then there are clouds that traverse many layers of the atmosphere - full of energy, dynamic and life giving. At this point I could make the tenuous link between Lightning and Flash technology - but I'll leave this for another time - or see my guest post on John Rollason's Blog !


But one thing is clear in the world of clouds - chaos theory reigns both in the meteorological world and to some extent in the Cloud Computing world.



Observing the world of Cloud Computing can be confusing and the common term that exists both in the meteorological world and the computing world  is fog ! Lots of it - deep and thick with poor visibility. There are different types of clouds with different characteristics and deployment models, For the many teams out there trying to find the time in between keeping the business

going, and the lights on, developing a clear concise Cloud Computing strategy and executing it can be a significant challenge. A good place to start are the excellent papers developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) which define and scope cloud computing in simple easy to consume terms such as:

    • OnDemand Self Service
    • Broad Network Access
    • Resource Pooling 
    • Rapid Elasticity
    • Measured Services
    • Flexible deployment models


National Institute of Standards and Technology


Well worth a read: http://


Determining the best Cloud deployment model can also be a challenge, which to choose ? On premise, Off premise, External, Internal or Hybrid? What are the pros and cons of each? If you are looking for the fog to clear then answers to these questions from organisations that have made the change from inflexible, inefficient infrastructure could provide you with invaluable guidance.



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