Safe Harbor: How Will Your Business Be Affected?

European Union


By Martin Warren, Product, Solutions and Alliances Marketing EMEA, NetApp


When the European Court of Justice ruled that the Safe Harbor agreement was ruled invalid in October, there was plenty of coverage about how organizations would cope with the ruling since they could no longer use the agreement as a way to transfer / share data between the United States and European Union.


Well the good news is that NetApp was well ahead of this ruling and never relied on the Safe Harbor agreement. Instead, NetApp built a world-class data privacy compliance program, which has even allowed us to become a trusted advisor to other organizations. Sheila Fitzpatrick, NetApp's Worldwide Data Governance & Chief Privacy Officer, and Dierk Schindler, NetApp's Head of EMEA Legal Field, recently spoke about this topic at NetApp Insight 2015 Berlin



Although the impact of this ruling is clear to myself and others in our industry, it may not be clear to everyone. I know I have personally spoken with a wide-range of organizations since the news broke and many of the people I've spoken with still seem to be unaware of the full impact this ruling could have on their business. If you'd like to learn more about the full impact of the Safe Harbor ruling, I'd encourage you to read this brief Q&A with NetApp's Sheila Fitzpatrick to learn more about how businesses may be impacted.


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