Hell Has Not Frozen Over: NetApp and EMC Combine to Educate for Big Data Standards

Guest Blog Post by NetApp's Gilda Foss - Office of the CTO


Analytics & Big Data Forum | SNIA


I had the pleasure of attending the SNIA Winter Symposium this past week in downtown San Jose, California.  During that symposium, I had the opportunity to introduce a new forum that myself and Rob Peglar, CTO Americas Isilon / EMC are co-launching.  The session attracted many representatives from various companies around the globe and was very well received.  The Analytics & Big Data Forum (ABDF) is a proposed SNIA Forum joining analytics & storage companies together.  This includes other SNIA Forums, such as Ethernet Storage, Storage Security as well as other SNIA Initiatives, such as Cloud Storage, Green Storage, Solid State Storage, and Storage Management.  Given that we are a forum, we will concentrate on Marketing & Education.


Our proposed mission statement addresses marketing outreach, education, collaboration with other industry bodies (relative to Analytics and Big Data efforts).  It also addresses a close following of the advancements in the art and science of Analytics and Big Data methods, offerings and business models.  Our mission statement is the following : “The SNIA ABDF is dedicated to fostering the growth and success of the market for what is generally referred as ‘Analytics and Big Data’ and more specifically the use of data storage resources and services in using analytic applications and toolsets.”


The goal of this forum is to become a recognized authority for a combined Analytics and Big Data community.  This includes determining and documenting the characteristics of Analytics and Big Data offerings, documenting the impact of the use of Analytics and Big Data in enterprises, and collecting requirements from those vendors and documenting best practices.  The forum will also collaborate with academia and the research labs of member companies to understand how advances in storage, storage networking, and other technologies will affect Analytics and Big Data.


Furthermore, another main goal is to educate the vendor and user communities about Analytics and Big Data.  We plan to do this by coordinating education activities with the SNIA Education Committee (EdComm), document testing of Analytics and Big Data to dispel myths.  This will also allow us to highlight the performance issues and performance benefits of advanced storage architectures, create peer reviewed vendor-neutral SNIA Tutorials as well as vendor-neutral demonstrations.  We plan to leverage SNW, SDC and other SNIA-affiliated and partner conferences and collaborate with industry analysts in order to achieve this effectively.


Additionally, we will perform market outreach that highlights the virtues of Analytics and Big Data through event presence & outreach to analyst community and speakers bureau.  We will also produce white papers & articles in trade magazines as well as press releases.  Other activities will include collaboration with other industry associations via SNIA’s alliances and relations and coordinating with SNIA Regional Affiliates to ensure worldwide impact of the ABDF.


I hope to have many of you join this new & exciting forum!  Contact me directly for additional details at