Re: 9.0 simulator release

Thanks Sean


I now have 9.1 running on my simulator. The pointer regarding upgrading via option 7 from the boot menu was also very useful (much quicker and lighter on disk space)




Re: 9.0 simulator release

If adding a second node does SYS_SERIAL_NUM just have to change from XXXXXXX-XX-1 to XXXXXXX-XX-2 to be different from node 1 or does it have to be the one used in the setup/install PDF (which appears to have been blended from a previous ONTAP 8 version)


Re: 9.0 simulator release

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The serial numbers (SYS_SERIAL_NUM) need to match one of the license key sets in the license text files on the download page.  Licenses are keyed to the serial number so pick from one of the ones on the list.


The sysid (bootarg.nvram.sysid) just needs to be unique, in particular the last two digits need to be unique.  By convention people set them to match the serial number, but they don't acutally have to.  What you want to avoid is cloning a vsim VM thats been through a power cycle, because the simulated disk serial numbers (which are in part derived from the sysid) will not be unique, and that leads to some really strange behaviour with the disk related commands if more than one instance ends up in the same cluster.



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