Nagios SNMP monitoring and NetApp 8.3

Hi. We use Nagios3 and monitor our older NetApp servers fine, but the new one doesn't respond to all the same SNMP requests.

The version of our new one is:

NetApp Release 8.3.2P5: Tue Aug 23 12:36:56 UTC 2016


I've tried this script and others for monitoring:


CPU Load, Disk Status, NFS Operations, and Uptime monitoring work fine.

Fan, NVRAM Battery, and Power Supply monitoring don't work. We get errors like:

:Requested table is empty or does not exist for . with snmp version 1 


Apparently several Sysstat OIDs no longer work, including:


Is there another way to monitor these from Nagios? Thanks!



Re: Nagios SNMP monitoring and NetApp 8.3

Hello Todd,

There are some ways you can make it work. You can do a snmpwalk on the filler and then set the correct OIDs for this plugin to work on Data Ontap 8.3 and above.

Another option, which I like most, you can develop your own plugin.
Those are the guidelines:

Nagios by it self is simply an scheduler. It schedule it's plugins to run from time to time. Based on return values it alert or not some user or user group.

I'm sorry for any typo, since I am using my mobile.

Re: Nagios SNMP monitoring and NetApp 8.3

Thanks. I have written several Nagios scripts, and I've done an snmpwalk on our 8.3 server, but I was unable to find anything for Fan, NVRAM Battery, or Power Supply.