fpolicy external engine reconnects

I am having an issue with my cluster mode fpolicy app, if the app crashes or is turned off, the vserver will attempt to reconnect - however it gives up after -max-connection-retries (default of 5, max 20)


If the fpolicy app is down for longer than that then I have to log onto the vserver and run engine-connect to get it to reconnect


Is there a command I can run from the fpolicy server to trigger a reconnect?


I have looked through the API calls available in the SDK and cant see anything




I am coding against netapp-manageability-sdk-5.2 on NetApp Release 8.2.2 Cluster-Mode

Re: fpolicy external engine reconnects

fpolicy-server-connect is what you are looking for. It accepts a policy name, cluster node name, and IP address(es) of your FPolicy server app.