Accelerating Business Cycles with SAP HANA Scale-out Solution from NetApp and Cisco

The dominating theme at this year’s Agile 2012 Executive Forum was the need to take agile methodologies and move them beyond the confines of product development.  For organizations wishing to become truly agile, they must optimize more than just 25% of the total value chain.  They must bring an agile approach across their entire value delivery chain.

At the heart of this new enterprise lies a scalable and high-performance data infrastructure capable of delivering non-disruptive operations.   Today’s competitive markets demand improving productivity, accelerating time-to-market, and the ability to scale operations rapidly to accommodate rapid, and often unpredictable growth.  For instance, ING Direct reduced compute environment provisioning time from 3 months to 10 minutes, giving each developer access to multiple copies of production-like environments.  The resulting order-of-magnitude improvement in productivity and time-to-market enables their organization to reap huge first-mover market advantages. 


As Development, Sales, and Operations all scale to capture these new growth opportunities, it becomes increasingly critical that the enterprise determine the right next investments for sustaining profitable growth.   SAP HANA, built on a powerful Scale-Out Infrastructure solution from NetApp and Cisco, provides a rapidly deployed solution for organizations looking for fast, reliable data analytics that will enable them to make the right decisions, at the right time.


When organizations discover what makes individual deals and transactions most profitable, they can harness that insight into steering the development organization, based on experiential data, towards the right new market opportunities.  Combining the right data analytic engine, with a high performance data infrastructure capable of improving development productivity, accelerating time-to-market, and seamless scalability, businesses can now deliver to the right market with the right product ahead of the competition.