CDW and Charles Barkley Deliver 7th Man Competitive Advantage with FlexPod

CDW and Charles Barkley are back for March Madness with a series of videos that showcase CDW as “people who get IT.” The theme embraces a concept referred to as the 7th man – a play on the 6th man who comes off the bench to help teams win the game. The 7th man is the IT expert who can provide organizations with a competitive advantage.


Barkley Selects CDW & FlexPod to Support Smart Growth

While the CEO of the fictitious company Gordon & Taylor struggles to recall just who NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is (he calls him "Borkley"), Charles reminds him that he not only “helped him win that trophy,” he is also the IT genius who selected CDW and NetApp to implement a FlexPod converged infrastructure solution designed to consolidate siloed data into a single optimized and virtualized solution.


Capitalizing on humor and the universal appeal of Barkley’s approachable image, the “Smart Growth” campaign uses the video vignettes to highlight CDW’s expertise across a broad portfolio of technology solutions including cloud and data center optimization. Like Gordon & Taylor, CDW has grown rapidly by leveraging deep industry and technology capabilities to deliver IT solutions that drive business results: Smart Growth.


It’s Back – The Technoliner Returns with Innovation on Wheels

In addition to radio, video, television and print ads that will be running from March right through to June of 2014, CDW has brought back their remarkable Technoliner. Not a bus or an RV, it is the ultimate in innovation and cool rides. CDW teamed with West Coast Customs to create a 48-foot, definitive tech experience on wheels. For the next few months, it will be on the road and rolling its way to a city near you.


Packed with the latest technology designed to showcase what is possible with IT, FlexPod occupies a prime spot on board and visitors can spend time learning how converged infrastructure is shaping business modernization.


For a Sneak Peek inside, take the video tour here.