Clustered ONTAP Statistics examples

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This is neto from Brazil


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Doing a performance POC using Clustered ONTAP and I would like to share some examples about how to collects statistics:


statistics show-periodic -node cluster:summary -object cluster

statistics show-periodic -object system -instance system -counter fcp*,cpu*

statistics show -object volume:vserver -instance v-perf* -counter total_ops


statistics show -object lun -instance /vol/v_iometer_*_LUN*_vol/v-iometer-*-LUN* -counter total_ops|avg_latency

statistics show -object lun -instance /vol/v_iometer_*_LUN*_vol/v-iometer-*-LUN* -counter write_align_histo|read_align_histo


I will update with more examples.


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NetApp - I love this company!