Compiling fio (Flexible IO Tester) on Windows 64 bits

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Doing an important Performance POC and the customer wants to use Windows 2008 for all tests. We have plans to use fio (;a=summary) and I wanted to compile the last fio change on Windows 64 bits.


After doing a lot of tests, here you have the step by step:


How to compile FIO on Windows 64 bits


  1. Install Cygwin - search for MinGW and install all MinGW packages.
  2. Download x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc-4.7.2-release-win64_rubenvb.7z ( - Select Toolchains targeting Win64 -> Personal Builds -> rubenv -> gcc-4.7-release
  3. Unzip the directory mingw64 to c:\ (c:\mingw64)
  4. Add to PATH - c:\mingw64\bin
  5. Copy c:\mingw64\bin\mingw32-make to c:\mingw64\bin\make.exe
  6. Download ( - Select External binary packages (Win64 hosted) -> pthreads
  7. Unzip
  8. Unzip
  9. Copy pthreadGC2-w64.dll to c:\mingw64\bin
  10. Copy c:\mingw64\bin\pthreadGC2-w64.dll to c:\mingw64\bin\pthreadGC2.dll and to fio source directory
  11. Open Cygwin Terminal
  12. Go to fio directory (source files)
  13. make clean
  14. ./configure
  15. make


DONE - You will have a fio executable ready to be used :-)


I hope this procedure helps and saves a lot of time :-) (I am pretty sure this will help me again)


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on ‎2013-02-01 07:04 PM

It's possible to build it in fewer steps, because Cygwin has all the packages needed.

1. Install Cygwin. Install 'make', 'mingw64-i686-gcc' and 'mingw64-x86_64-gcc' packages.

2. Download and copy to the fio source directory.

3. Open Cygwin Terminal.

4. Go to the fio directory (source files).

5. make.

on ‎2013-02-02 07:00 AM

Sorry, having tested this more than just the -gcc packages are needed. It's probably best to just install 'make' as well as all packages starting with 'mingw64-i686' and 'mingw64-x86_64'.

NetApp Employee on ‎2013-02-02 02:08 PM

Hi Bruce,

This is neto from Brazil

How are you?

Thanks for your comment. Yes I did it. I install Cygwin with all mingw* packages (just to make sure) :-)

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NetApp - I love this company!

NetApp Employee on ‎2015-10-08 04:24 AM



you can find Windows versions here


Cheers - Uli