Customized Data Visualization with OnCommand Insight Makes Your Life Easier

When I joined NetApp, my wife and I sat down together and examined the company’s medical, financial, and insurance benefits. After reviewing the available RedBrick Health services, my wife turned to me and said, “That will make your life easier.”  RedBrick incorporates data from my health assessment, biometric health screenings, and medical claims analysis to recommend health coaching programs tailored to my specific needs. The key to successful participation in the program is the suite of easy-to-use web-based tools that provide analysis, reports, and recommended care.


Fast-forward to a recent partner conference, where I provided an overview of the new features of NetApp® OnCommand® Insight (OCI) 7.1 software to a group of IT system administrators. These features include:

  • Continued transition to a web-based GUI
  • Ability to view information on tablets as well as laptops
  • New landing pages to make it quicker and easier to find data
  • New widgets, dashboards, and additional data points to improve customization so the UI can be tailored to the specific needs of the administrators

Insight Widgets.png


Before I could finish mentioning the list of innovative new functionalities, one administrator turned to another and said, “That will make your life easier.”


Just as RedBrick Health services provide valuable information on the health and maintenance of the individual, OnCommand Insight provides critical information on the health of the enterprise’s storage environment. Both provide health assessments, detect risks, track trends in performance, and provide customized reports that can be used to plan for a long and healthy existence. The keys to both platforms delivering a successful user experience are improvements in usability, accessibility, and interaction between the user and the product.


OnCommand Insight 7.1 enhances user satisfaction with the introduction of customized data visualization that provides:

  • The ability to create custom dashboards
  • Several out-of-the-box widgets to create dashboards
  • The ability to drill down into more detailed storage reports

Much like innovative personal healthcare technologies that promise to make day-to-day life easier and make health monitoring a snap, OnCommand Insight’s web-based GUI and customized data visualization allow administrators to accomplish tasks as simply and efficiently as possible, making their life easier.


OnCommand Insight 7.1 not only delivers new features and enhancements to streamline overall usability, and visualization experience, it also delivers a deeper analysis of data storage, compute, and SAN switch environment, and new additions to the data source library.


Don Bourque, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, recorded a WebEx presentation that provides a detailed overview of OnCommand Insight 7.1 and its new/enhanced features and functionality. It’s worth the time to view the video and learn how OCI 7.1 can make storage resource management easier.