Deploy Your Key Workloads in Under 10 Minutes with All Flash FAS

By Mike McNamara, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, NetApp 


With the recently released ONTAP® 9.1, you can deploy new enterprise solutions such as SAP HANA in under 10 minutes by leveraging fast provisioning templates for All Flash FAS (AFF) systems. New fast provisioning workflows enable you to deploy new AFF storage systems for the following key workloads—SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL Server, VDI, and VMware—in under 10 minutes from power on to serving data.


Years of NetApp experience and best practices are integrated into the System Manager wizard and factory configurations, enabling you to quickly set up your new configuration by answering a few questions. As you deploy new workloads, ONTAP 9 gives you the visibility to know which node has the most performance capacity available for optimally deploying the new workload.


Create LUNs


In addition, the new E-Series model E2800 with SANtricity® 11.30; the recently announced All Flash FAS models AFF A700 and AFF A300; and the new FAS models FAS9000, FAS8200, FAS2650, and FAS2620 with ONTAP 9.1 will provide SAP customers with even more scalability, availability, and performance.