Flash Accel v1.3 Adds Bare Metal Windows Support

When we first announced Flash Accel software as NetApp’s extension of our Virtual Storage Tier at the server caching level, there was a lot of excitement in the VMware vSphere arena.  Since then, we have been able to show tremendous value for application acceleration and overall storage efficiency and this value is clearly illustrated in the recently published Demartek Labs report on this topic.


To date, Flash Accel has been available for virtualized infrastructure with VMware and we have had many questions regarding bare metal server environments, as well. In fact this has always been part of the plan and we are happy to announce that we have just released Flash Accel v1.3 with support for Windows bare metal. 


Flash Accel Architecture-Bare Metal Windows Environment


With this release, there are number of important capabilities in addition to the provision of bare metal Windows support.  Flash Accel v1.3 includes the following enhancements:


-Support for Windows bare metal

o   Windows 2008R2, Windows 2012 and Windows 2012R2

o   FC and iSCSI

o   Clustered apps supported (cold cache on failover)

o   Powershell management

- Adds support for Windows 2012 and 2012R2 VMs and vSphere 5.5 support (w/ FAMC management)

-Up to 4TB of cache per server

-IBM branded for N-Series

-Support for sTEC PCI-e Accelerator

With this release, you can now apply the power of server flash to your critical workloads in both virtualized and non-virtualized environments.  And Flash Accel is a free download for any NetApp FAS or V-Series customer, so the time to give it a try is now.


So what's the replacement for Flash Accel now that it is EOA? Or is your VST now missing a tier?

Hey boss, you know that $20,000 worth of SSDs i just talked you into buying for our servers .......

Thanks NetApp....

yes i agree....no posts or anything on Flash Accel going EOA?  end of sale, etc. new releases of the software a month before it goes EOA?