Floyd Medical Center and Home Meridian International Gain Insights from NetApp’s Complimentary Heterogeneous Infrastructure Assessment

IDC recently published a white paper discussing storage assessments and the value it can bring to customers.


The paper talks about how an assessment can be useful for increasing visibility and driving efficiency.  Typically, the assessment will leverage a combination of expert knowledge and comprehensive information garnered from the customers’ infrastructure.  The key elements are shown in the graphic below. 

The most interesting part of this paper is the case studies.  They include two NetApp customers who recently took advantage of NetApp’s Complimentary Heterogeneous Infrastructure Assessment service.


Floyd Medical Center


IDC spoke with E.J. Hunt, Floyd Medical Center’s server manager.  It’s a healthcare system that has 33 care facilities, 49 physician offices, 2,500 employees, and 217 physicians serving Georgia and Alabama.  They are currently undergoing a data center transformation primarily due to the digitization of medical records and the growing file size of high-resolution CT and MRI imaging. 


They have a highly virtualized environment, but didn’t have tools to examine storage demand and utilization, and they were concerned that they would have issues with backup and data recovery without a transformational strategy.  They had never used an infrastructure assessment service before and decided to leverage three different organizations to do some comprehensive data gathering.  In the interview E.J. shared that NetApp’s service was the quickest and the first to be completed.  He liked NetApp’s reporting capabilities, which were “the most comprehensive, and the reports themselves were the easiest
to read.”


Two key takeaways were:

  • Many of the VMs created were not being used and were not being deleted from disks
  • Growth trending showed storage would likely grow 25% per year


The company gained business-critical insights that have helped them plan for future storage needs, to assure the success of their data center transformation.


Home Meridian International


The second interview was with Clint Webb, CIO of Home Meridian International, a privately held North Carolina home furnishings design and marketing company. 


They decided to leverage the Complimentary Infrastructure Assessment Service to help them with two storage network challenges:

  • The lack of flexibility within its existing SAN environment
  • The existing SAN’s inability to scale


Clint commented that the OnCommand Insight software the NetApp team used "runs in the background with no impact to our existing systems. You can't tell it was running, and the OnCommand tools had excellent feedback." The outcome of NetApp's services showed that Home Meridian could reduce capital expenditures by implementing an iSCSI infrastructure at a substantial cost savings. The analysis eliminated internal fears regarding the scale and performance of future systems. The company learned that its performance requirements were overkill for investment in Fibre Channel connected hardware. This convinced Home Meridian to implement a NetApp storage infrastructure. Home Meridian is also continuing to use certain components of the OnCommand toolset so that it has ongoing views into the state and performance of its new storage infrastructure.


You can read the white paper here.


If you’re interested in leveraging the Complimentary Heterogeneous Infrastructure Assessment for your IT infrastructure, contact your NetApp account team or authorized NetApp reseller, or post a comment and we’ll contact you.



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