For Super Bowl Sunday, It’s Touchdown NetApp

24564_nfl.pngThe stage has been set and at this year’s Super Bowl on Sunday, February 2, 2014, Denver will face off against Seattle.

Whether you are a true fan of the game, tune in for the commercials or are simply eager to watch the musical headliners at half-time, the numbers tell it all – like its predecessors, Super Bowl XLVIII will be one of the most-watched events on television expecting to draw an audience ranging from 111 to 165 million viewers.

There is a tremendous amount of data management needed to pull off a Super Bowl event. Security, credentials, press & media access, videos, pictures and real-time analysis by people playing critical roles both on and off-site; often with data moving back and forth between (this year) MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and multiple off-site nerve centers. Running all of this on NetApp’s seamless storage architecture has consolidated multiple siloed systems for the NFL, simplifying control, management, reliability, security and ultimately reducing risk for the NFL on one of their most important days of the year.

And while Denver and Seattle only just secured their spot at this year’s big event, our road to Super Bowl XLVIII actually began over a year ago when the NFL and NetApp entered into a multi-year relationship. Tom Mendoza was interviewed at that time by Bloomberg where he expanded on why the NFL selected NetApp; you can see a short video showing exactly what goes on behind the scenes and why running on NetApp makes sense here.

So get your chicken wings and nachos ready – whether you are cheering for the Emerald or the Mile-High city on game day, when it comes to data, it's touchdown NetApp!

on ‎2014-01-29 01:48 PM

The Video link above is broken.