Hey Clustered Data ONTAP Customers: OnCommand Unified Manager 6.0 Is Available.

By Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing


OnCommand® Unified Manager for Clustered Data ONTAP® 6.0RC1 is now available for download on the NetApp Support site. Back in early July, I posted a few sneak previews on Unified Manager 6.0, talking about how it monitors the health of your clustered Data ONTAP storage. I already talked about availability and capacity in my previous posts, and the third component is data protection—so let’s dive in. 


Unified Manager 6.0 monitors and provides alerts for NetApp® SnapMirror® and SnapVault ® environments to help you better manage your data protection relationships.  If you’re not familiar with SnapVault, it provides reliable, low-overhead disk-to-disk (D2D) backup through block-level incremental replication and NetApp Snapshot™ copies.


This Unified Manager screenshot shows you the topology view of your data protection relationships, and in this particular instance you can see a data protection relationship in which SnapMirror failed to initialize.  It also displays an overview of related devices that are potentially affected, including Vservers (Virtual Storage Machines), aggregates, volumes in the aggregates, qtrees, NFS exports and LUNs. This makes it easier for you to take action and quickly remedy issues.


Unified Manager 6.0 also supports NetApp SnapProtect® software, and lets you manage certain items in SnapProtect directly. If you’re not familiar with SnapProtect already, it’s a single management console where you can create, catalog, and manage application-aware Snapshot™ copies across disk-to-disk-to-tape processes. SnapProtect also leverages NetApp Data ONTAP storage efficiency technologies such as deduplication, compression, and thin replication. So you’re using less capacity than traditional backups, reducing your storage and administrative costs, and you can restore your data quickly.


If you’re using one of these data protection solutions, or a combination of them in your clustered Data ONTAP environment, try out OnCommand Unified Manager for Clustered Data ONTAP 6.0RC1 today—no license required!

on ‎2013-08-02 05:31 AM

This looks somewhat exciting... but what does it mean to our 5.2 installs ?? Is the future of OnCommand Core going down the appliance path ?

ESYNODINOS on ‎2013-08-02 03:50 PM

in addition i am seeing that OCUM 6.0 is only downloadable as a VM image?  What about customers that do not have VMware or use OnCommand on a specific system with a specific hardware setup?

on ‎2013-08-04 06:43 PM

Will this version of OnCommand be available for 7-mode systems? We only recently install new 7-mode because of the lack of SnapVault support in cluster-mode 8.1.2. Far too early to consider 7-mode as legacy!

NetApp Employee on ‎2013-08-04 08:21 PM

When can we expect  OCUM 6.0 for customers who don't run VMware?

on ‎2013-08-05 02:10 AM


OnCommand Unified Manager 6.0 or latter versions will not be avalable for 7-mode. Unified Manager 5.x would be the version which will provide 7-mode support going forward also.



on ‎2013-08-05 02:16 AM

In Unified Manager 6.0 we support only VMware. Going forward in UM 6.0+ version we are evaluating other alternate install options. Can you pls provide what Install option would meet your requirement? Pls provide your response to the following questions:

1.  If we need to support another deployment option what would you prefer?

     a.  Windows Installer

     b.  Linux Installer (specify which LINUX OS)

     c.  vApp on other Hyper-Visors (specify which Hyper-Visor)

     d.  Any other suggestions

on ‎2013-08-05 02:19 AM

Hi Solomon,

Unified Manager 6.0 will only support VMware vApp deoployment. In a future release we may plan to support another install option. Can you pls provide what other install option would meet your requirement? Pls provide your response to the following question:

1.  If we need to support another deployment option what would you prefer?

     a.  Windows Installer

     b.  Linux Installer (specify which LINUX OS)

     c.  vApp on other Hyper-Visors (specify which Hyper-Visor)

     d.  Any other suggestions



on ‎2013-08-05 04:03 AM


Supporting only ESXi is somewhat conflicting in that NetApp as i understand it is focusing on SMB 3.0 and Hyper-V 2012 support? So at a bare min both visors should be supported.

Its also pretty obvious that lots of companies are hypervisor agnostic and although having a deployable appliance is incredibly useful for rapid deployment but when its a key management piece of infrastructure the components should  be broken out so that we as the end users can deploy each component in a HA fashion - same as what we do today with OnCommand 5.x



ESYNODINOS on ‎2013-08-05 01:18 PM

also a lot of us use simulators on laptops to do private testing, offline testing to make sure we can deploy these products with ease.

is there a way to install this on a laptop running vm workstation?

on ‎2013-08-05 07:17 PM

Hi Netapp,

I just installed the UM 6.0, where to find the performance counter? e.g CPU, network , fiber channel, IOPS, latencty, throughput?

on ‎2013-08-05 10:52 PM

The install works fine in VMware Workstation.

on ‎2013-08-14 02:34 PM


UM 6.0 does not monitor performance metrics of ONTAP. OnCommand Performance Manager (OPM) would be providing the performance monitoring for cDOT systems. This is a new product and is currently still in development stage.



on ‎2013-08-14 02:42 PM

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the inputs. Can you pls eloborate more on what you mean by "the components should  be broken out so that we as the end users can deploy each component in a HA fashion"? Which specific components are you referring to? Also can you pls provide your preference of OS (Windows or LINUX) if we want to provide an "installer" option apart from vApp packaging?



on ‎2013-08-14 06:07 PM

OCUM6 is going to be a VM, which runs on ESX, whose datastore is backed by a filer, which is monitored by OCUM6.  That chicken-and-egg problem is a showstopper.

Standalone Linux installer, please.

on ‎2013-08-15 07:12 PM

Hi Ravi,

In the mean time (while we wait for the OPM to be released), how do I measure the FC port performance, I'm using 5.2 with cDOT 8.2, and there is no counter for FC ports



on ‎2013-08-19 10:03 PM

Hi Ravi,

Also will the OPM include the historical performance data for flash pool and flash cache, currently the only way to monitor is via system manager GUI and cli in real time (no historical)



NetApp Employee on ‎2013-09-16 03:34 PM

Hi Ravi, I have customers who would appreciate Linux installers that are supported on modern RedHat Enterprise Linux versions. They might use RHEV to virtualize as well, but hate spending valuable Vmware licenses on infrastructure support apps.

on ‎2013-12-04 12:51 PM

I'd love to use 6.0, but it looks like we have to make changes to our VMware HA configuration in order to start the app. We won't be doing that, so when will this requirement be removed?

on ‎2014-04-15 10:08 PM

+1 for Standalone Linux Installer.

NetApp Employee on ‎2014-04-16 06:41 AM

Hi Marcus,

Not sure if you saw Ravi's post from Aug.5th. Ravi got an overwhelming response for Linux and it's on the roadmap.

Regards, Kristina

on ‎2014-04-16 10:53 AM

I would definitely prefer a Linux install, RedHat preferably. My second preference would be Windows, but only if my arm was twisted pretty hard.


on ‎2014-04-16 06:34 PM

OK then..

A new challenge for me to teach the evolution of DFM - Ops Mgr - OnCommand to my students !

: )

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene E. Kashpureff

Senior Instructor, Unitek Education http://www.unitek.com/training/netapp/

(P.S. I appreciate points for helpful or correct answers.)

on ‎2014-09-02 08:23 AM

But it is a resource HOG, requiring at least 8GB of ram and 2 CPUs.

on ‎2014-09-11 08:03 PM

When can we expect  OCUM 6.x for customers who don't run VMware?

on ‎2015-03-19 04:53 AM
I am running OnCommand Unified Manager  Version 6.2RC1 on vm console, I had difficulties to list event types  from command line.. From the Web console i can see the system default events.. 
  • How to change the event type in OC? From critical to important or vice versa?
  • Can we get the list of available alerts with the default severity, so it can be easy for use to document them and create an action plan!