Invitation to Participate in the OnCommand Performance Manager Beta Program

I’m happy to announce the beta program for the upcoming release of OnCommand Performance Manager. This new performance management product available at no cost to NetApp customers is the performance piece of OnCommand Unified Manager.  Users can view alerts in Unified Manager then drill down to dig in to the performance details. 

Leveraging key OnCommand Balance analytics, Performance Manager is designed to monitor and troubleshoot performance of Clustered ONTAP storage environments.  Unlike the NetApp Performance Advisor product that provides lots of metrics with no recommendations, Performance Manager provides remediation advice, making it easy for an IT generalist to quickly handle storage performance abnormalities.  Key capabilities include:

  • Automatic incident detection
  • Root cause analysis
  • Alerting
  • Resolution advice


Performance Manager’s fit in the OnCommand Storage Management Portfolio
In case you’re wondering how Performance Manager compares to the other performance monitoring products at NetApp, below is a graphic to explain.  Basically, its focus is on NetApp storage running Clustered ONTAP while Balance monitors the NetApp storage, VMs, and hosts.  OnCommand Insight is a full storage resource management solution that provides performance monitoring of multi-vendor storage platforms as well as providing configuration and capacity management.


Key Capabilities
Here’s a sneak peak at some of the cool capabilities.  First, it monitors all of the Clustered ONTAP components from network to aggregate.


Performance Manager creates a continuous performance baseline that adjusts to workload changes.  Leveraging analytics, dynamic thresholds adjust to changes in the infrastructure and victim and bully workloads are identified through resource contention.


The dashboard shows the health of clusters and volumes as well as any incidents. 


Finally, recommended steps for remediation are a key differentiator to assuring any issues get resolved quickly.  


How to Participate
The beta program is open to all NetApp customers and partners running Clustered Data ONTAP v8.2.  To participate, download and complete the and email it to Use this email if you want to ask any questions.

Sign up today!  We’re looking forward to your feedback.


No chance of testing this on cluster sim??



OPM can be tested against a cluster simulator ; Engineering uses such simulators extensively for some testing. What we know is that performance Incidents are different on real hardware, so user testing on simulators is discouraged as your learning will not be based on reality.

What has happened to this product?


Hello Toby

Thank you for your interest! OnCommand Performance Manager 1.0 will be posted for customer download on Thursday February 27th

Best regards,