Making agile IT Infrastructure Easy with System Manager 2.1

You’ve probably already heard about or read our announcement about Agile Data Infrastructure, and what it means to the future of IT.   Here’s some information on how IT staff will make it happen, in part, due to the tools that simplify the management of these powerful new capabilities.

Making Storage Easy and Efficient

NetApp® OnCommand® System Manager 2.1 is the latest version of our element management software that simplifies the configuration and ongoing management of NetApp storage. It allows our customers to improve their storage and service efficiency, boost productivity, and reduce the impact of storage management on IT resources.  Our customers are growing their data capacity from terabytes to petabytes, but with System Manager they’re able to do so with the same number of IT staff.

What is System Manager?

OnCommand System Manager is a simple, but powerful, browser-based management tool that allows storage administrators to easily configure and manage individual NetApp storage systems or clusters of systems.

IT Generalists No Longer Have To Be Storage Experts

Using wizards to simplify common storage tasks—customers are able to quickly create volumes, LUNs, qtrees, shares, and exports—saving time and avoiding errors that often occur with a manual process. System Manager also acts as a window to efficiency features such as thin provisioning, compression, and deduplication as well as other powerful NetApp Data ONTAP® operating system capabilities. You don’t need to be a storage expert when you have System Manager in your toolkit.

What’s New with Version 2.1?

The upcoming release of System Manager, which is due out in August, will provide enhanced element management of Data ONTAP 8.1.x environments, expanded hardware support, and 7-Mode currency.

Specific features include:

  • Enhanced cluster management, including support for Data ONTAP 8.1.x in Cluster-Mode
  • Support for Flash Pools and Infinite Volumes
  • Support for new hardware, including Flash Cache and capacity-optimized shelves
  • Expanded data protection with SnapVault
  • Enhanced management of vFiler units
  • 64-bit architecture
  • AutoSupport tool configuration and testing

System Manager and Data ONTAP in Cluster-Mode

System Manager has been supporting Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode operations since version 2.0, which was released in early 2011.  Version 2.1 will provide enhancements specifically for Data ONTAP 8.1.x operating in Cluster-Mode, including capabilities such as Flash Pools and Infinite Volume support.

If you want to see this in action, check out these two Cluster-Mode demo videos, one showing a non-disruptive volume move, and the other, how to configure Flash Pools, both made simple with System Manager.

Making Agile Data Infrastructure Easy

Back to the Agile announcement, NetApp is showing the industry that by combining rich data management with the architectural advantages of clustering, customers can make IT intelligent, immortal, and infinite.  The role that management – and specifically tools such as System Manager – plays in this is to enable key aspects of “Intelligent Data Management”:

  • Allowing storage to seamlessly scale in capacity, from terabytes to petabytes, to handle todays explosive data growth
  • Efficiency that enables the management of all this new data without the need for more staff
  • Simplicity that provides at-a-glance visibility into the storage infrastructure whether for individual systems or clusters of systems without requiring specialized training or expertise

For more info on the NetApp Agile Data Infrastructure, read this detailed entry on the subject.  And to learn more about System Manager and the upcoming 2.1 release, go to


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When is v2.1 actually going to be released? 

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December is the ETA.




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SnapVault is not in this release v2.1, it was pulled.