Microsoft, Citrix, and NetApp release FreeBSD support for Windows Server

Lee Gates -- Director of Technical Marketing


Microsoft, Citrix, and NetApp announce the availability of FreeBSD support for Windows Server Hyper-V.  Last May at BSDCAN 2012, we announced a deep collaboration to deliver high performance, first class guests support FreeBSD.  NetApp is a strong supporter of FreeBSD, and we are very pleased to make this contribution back to the community.


As part of our research and development to support private and hybrid cloud computing, we saw this as an opportunity to work with Microsoft and Citrix to ensure that we had the right platform to begin testing ONTAP even more closely with Windows.  We are very excited inside NetApp to begin the planning process for solutions combining our world class data management tools, ONTAP-v, and Windows Server Hyper-V as the recipe for graceful best of breed hybrid cloud architectures. 


To go along with the announcement, the source for is now posted to GitHub, a step by step guide on compiling the code and bringing up a FreeBSD guest is available, as well as a discussion mailing list.  A big thank you to Microsoft and Citrix for working closely with us on this project.  NetApp was very pleased to help accelerate FreeBSD in the Windows datacenter.

on ‎2012-10-10 07:15 AM

hi Lee,

Does this mean that the simulator will soon be available for Hyper-V?