Monitoring SnapManagers and SnapDrive events in SCOM - Management Pack is now available

Santhosh Harihara Rao

Reference Architect - Virtualization and Cloud Computing


The first two posts in this series showed how user could monitor all SnapManager and SnapDrive related events in SCOM.

Entering all required event IDs manually, in the SCOM console is a tedious task and SCOM offers no easy way to upload this in a batch.

We are now solving this by having an unsealed management pack which will monitor all SnapManagers (SMSQL, SME, SMSP and SMHV) and SnapDrive events

The unsealed management pack is in xml format and all user needs to do is import this into SCOM.(

This management pack contains the source name by which SnapManagers and SnapDrive log events in Windows event viewer on the host.

The management pack in its current state, will enable user to view any alert greater than information (i.e., warning and critical)

As mentioned, this pack is extensible so as to accomodate other event sources and alert levels. User would simply need to edit the

management pack by opening the xml file in an editor.

Instructions :

1. Download the file located at the bottom of this page

2. Unzip the content.- SnapDrive.monitoring (To monitor SMSQL, SME, SMHV, SMSP and SnapDrive events)

3. Import this management pack in SCOM

Happy monitoring!


After installing this MP, the HealthService stopped running on a number of agents as well as my RMS and MS servers. I un-installed this MP but still having problems with the HealthService not running. Also experienced same problem with all-servers trying to open the SMSP event log.

sadhanab Netapp Alumni

We are working on a fix for this. Meanwhile, we've pulled back the SMSP monitoring management pack and updated the zip file accordingly. Please use the updated zip file available here. The management pack for SMSP monitoring will be available when we have a fix for this issue.

In order for the health explorer to start working again, please delete the SMSP monitoring management pack from SCOM and reset the health status of the server in the health explorer.

Anyone able to provide some additional feedback/comments on this MP.  Unless I am missing something I am not seeing much in this MP.  No views, rules, etc and only 1 monitor.  I am not getting any events/alerts from it.  I got a few licensing related events when first enabled, but nothing since.  I understood this MP could be used to avoid having to enter in all the snapmanager event ids' individually.

thanks for any help

shrao Netapp Alumni

Hi Trenner,

Could you please tell me which SnapManager are you attempting to monitor?

Santhosh Rao

Goal would be to get SnapManager for Exchange, SQL and SharePoint monitored as we use all of these broadly.  We would like to cover the job success and importantly the failures.  We would also like to monitor (alert) when a snapmirror update request fails after a number of attempts.




Is the SMSP monitoring included now? Do I also need to install the OnCommand™ Plug-in 3.0 for Microsoft® on the SCOM server to make this XML work?




Hi Santhosh,

Is there an updated management pack for SCOM 2012?



Hi All,

The Provided MP will not work because

The Issues are ,

--> It does not have Event ID and Event Level to monitor. it only contains the Event Source

--> There is not Alert name Specfied

--> MP should not target to All Windows computers only yo class or Group ( Net app Group basically)

--> it does not have Class and Discovery

Let me know , if you would like to solve this




If there is a corrected version of this to supervise the SMHV backup from SCOM.