Moving from Cloud Vision to Reality

Cisco Intercloud and NetApp Cloud Storage and Data Management Technologies Are Building a Foundation for the Hybrid Cloud

By Phil Brotherton, Vice President, Cloud Solutions Group, NetApp

As part of our vision at NetApp to deliver a cloud data fabric for customers who are extending infrastructure management into cloud computing, we have been talking to a lot of customers. The feedback we have received has been focused on the customer’s desire to have choice, agility, and security, and to control costs when moving to the cloud. By partnering with Cisco and supporting Intercloud, NetApp is better able to help its customers meet these needs.

Organizations want the ability to move data as needed without being constrained by previous architecture decisions. Cisco® Intercloud and the NetApp® cloud data fabric enable customers to confidently choose new cloud partners for their IT journey to the cloud. The combination of Intercloud with the NetApp Data ONTAP® operating system provides the platform for flexibility of choice and security in the cloud.

The Cisco Intercloud vision aligns with NetApp’s approach to enable customers to manage and maintain governance of their data across private and public cloud environments, irrespective of data type or location. Our companies continue to invest to deliver on the vision of FlexPod®, building a highly secure, dynamic infrastructure to accelerate IT transformation. And now we are integrating the platform into the Intercloud fabric while delivering dramatic improvements in operational efficiency and simplicity. Cisco Intercloud will help customers build interoperable hybrid IT and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

With over 200 leading cloud service provider partners who use NetApp to provide more than 300 services, the fabric foundation is in place to enable choice. And with NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services and Partner of the Year–winning Microsoft® solutions, customers can leverage NetApp based cloud options that extend from best-of-breed service provider clouds all the way to hyperscale clouds.

We look forward to working with Cisco to enhance our best-of-breed solutions to help customers securely extend their on-premises IT environment to the cloud while maintaining the levels of security and control they have today. We see the opportunity to build on the FlexPod leadership that was launched with Cisco 3+ years ago.