NetApp, Citrix, and FlexPod: Innovation + Joint Solutions = Customer Success

By Rob McDonald, Sr. Manager, NetApp / Citrix Joint Solutions

I recently “came home” to NetApp after being gone for 2 years.  While some things have changed, like some new products coming to market (can you say clustered Data ONTAP?), the most important things haven’t. The focus on customers, innovation, and joint solutions with great partners are still top of mind for all of us.  We deliver multiple integrated solutions with our alliance partners, including VMware, Cisco, Microsoft, and Citrix. My focus is on NetApp and Citrix solutions. Together, we’ve been delivering some outstanding solutions that enable customers to save money, simplify their IT operations, and provide a better experience for their end users.

Here is just a small sample of the great things that we’re doing together. But don’t just take my word for it…see number 2 below to hear directly from our delighted customers.

1.   We’ve just announced FlexPod cooperative support that includes Citrix customers. Nothing new here in terms of the model which has been in place since we launched FlexPod, and now the FlexPod Cooperative Support program brings together the technology expertise of Cisco, NetApp and Citrix. Customers will have direct access to Cisco, NetApp and Citrix engineers trained to rapidly address any operational issues.

2.   Customers benefitting from our joint solutions that enable mobility, flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiencies include University of Sao Paulo, which is delivering virtual desktops to over 105,000 students and 6000 faculty, staff, and researchers, who can access their data anytime, from any device, anywhere. Suncorp, Australia’s largest general insurer, can deploy claims adjusters to customers in the field while still having their desktops and resources available to them on site. KIVBF in Germany, supporting 600 municipalities, have been able to save their taxpayers €10M over the past 5 years using joint NetApp and Citrix solutions.

3.   A real world virtual desktop deployment with the storage cost per desktop as low as $35/desktop, targeted for knowledge workers and task workers. Yep. $35 per desktop.  Here’s how we did it.

4.   High performance VDI for Power Users: NetApp and Atlantis are now partnering to deliver a set of cost efficient VDI architectures for power users (e.g. software developers, healthcare PACS imagery, CAD/CAM users, to name a few) that are simple to deploy and manage, provide high IOPS with better-than-PC performance, and support high availability and disaster recovery with CAPEX and OPEX costs that are lower than a physical PC. The joint architectures are flexible, and can be deployed with Citrix XenDesktop or VMware View as the connection brokers.

We’ve expanded our long standing relationship with Citrix to focus on file sharing, sync, and collaboration with Sharefile, and highly scalable open source cloud infrastructure with CloudStack, to provide even better results for our mutual customers. NetApp Recovery Manager for Citrix ShareFile is a perfect example of such innovation. I’m excited about this, and we’ve only just begun. There will be many more innovative solutions coming, including management for the cloud. It’s so good to be back. Stay tuned.

on ‎2013-11-09 08:55 PM

Good Evening amandaw

Would you please share more detail on NetApp & Citrix joint solution on VDI?



NetApp Employee on ‎2013-11-11 07:07 AM

Hi Henry,

I would be happy to provide more information. It would be helpful to understand exactly what you would like to understand. That way I can provide the most relevant and useful information.



on ‎2013-11-11 07:19 AM

Good Morning robertim ,

I'm working on a storage design for VDI with XenDesktop 7 on ESX.

So my silly questions are:

1. What are the FAS3250HA advantage over EMC VNX II for XenDesktop 7 on ESX?

2. What’s the XenDesktop 7 IO profile for VDI (running XD7 on an ESX platform)?

3. May I have a FAS3250HA architect guide/design example for 5,000 seats of XenDesktop 7?

4. Any healthcare users are using filer for XenDesktop 7?

Thanks in advance + looking forward to hear from you.


NetApp Employee on ‎2013-11-12 07:27 AM

Hi Henry,

I wanted to answer some of your questions. I am still waiting to hear back about references. Meanwhile, my answers follow below. I would like to add that for specifics regarding your needs, especially when comparing against other vendors, it might be best to understand the very specific environment you're looking to architect. I d like to suggest that one of our technical resources to reach out to you directly when you're ready. Let me know and I can set that up. Also, you can contact me directly at

1 What are the FAS3250HA advantage over EMC VNX II for XenDesktop 7 on ESX?

For information on FAS and XD you can get some pretty good information here. We are working to update for XD7.

TR-3915: Deployment Guide for Citrix XenDesktop 5 on vSphere and XenServer on NetApp

TR-4138: Citrix XenDesktop on NetApp Storage Solution Guide

TR-3732: Citrix XenServer and NetApp Storage Best Practices

  1. 2. What’s the XenDesktop 7 IO profile for VDI (running XD7 on an ESX platform)?

This would depend on the XD7 deployment model and your requirements. Ideally we would connect you directly with one of our technical resources (per above).

  1. 3. May I have a FAS3250HA architect guide/design example for 5,000 seats of XenDesktop 7?

This will be out in January, 2014.

  1. 4. Any healthcare users are using filer for XenDesktop 7?

I've reached out to confirm what public references I can share at this time.

on ‎2013-12-09 01:29 AM

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