NetApp Expands the Capacity of FAS2200 Systems with New Drives

Is your “Big Data” getting bigger and bigger? Well, no problem – we’ve got new drives to suit your needs.


NetApp recently introduced a range of new drives for our entry-level FAS2200 product line and as you know, the FAS2200 series features internal drives to meet the needs of the entry storage market. Beginning August 12, you can order pre-set configurations with 1.2TB performance drives and 4TB capacity drives in FAS2200 systems. In addition to the new HDDs, we’ve also added support for the 800GB SSD to the FAS2200 family. These new drives (see the table below) not only provide increased capacity, but also enhance NetApp’s flexibility to provide different combinations of HDD and SSD drives to fulfill a variety of customer needs.


As you might already know, NetApp was the first major storage vendor with 4TB-capacity drive support when we introduced them in our DS4486 disk shelf last December. Supporting 4TB drives on the FAS2200 platforms pushes the maximum capacity to 576TB, nearly 30% more than our major competitors in the entry storage space. In addition, the Small Form Factor 1.2TB performance drives – now available as internal drives on the FAS2220 and FAS2240-2 systems – increase storage density for these platforms by more than 30%.



NetApp also continues to expand its flash leadership to our entry-level platforms. The availability of the 800GB SSD on the FAS2200 platforms increases the flash capacity by 4x, significantly enhancing customers’ flexibility to choose the right capacity and the right HDD and SSD mix. NetApp is among the first storage vendors to provide support for these high-capacity SSDs on its entry storage platforms.


With these new drives, the FAS2200 series can handle a lot more data, allowing you to sit back and relax without having to worry about outgrowing your storage capacity anytime soon.

For more information, visit the FAS2200 product pages here.


Cool Ling,

Would you please also advice the average data recovery time for the 4TB SATA drive?



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