NetApp Solution Builder and Microsoft Solutions

Part of my job at NetApp is to author content that is published for the NetApp Solution Builder Tool, The content in Solution Builder is solution-oriented documentation that is tested and validated by the various product and solution teams here at NetApp. Solution Builder allows NetApp partners, sales teams, and professional services (a.k.a. “The NetApp Field”) to rapidly generate accurate documentation that follows NetApp best practices, and relevant to the solution deployed for the customer.


For our customers, they will see consistent solution documentation of high quality delivered in a timely manner. This effort is all about fulfilling our promise when our customers choose NetApp.



Since I am a member of the Microsoft team in the Solutions Integration Group at NetApp, the content that me and my team members author is focused on Microsoft technology and how it integrates with NetApp storage, data protection, and data management software. All of our content is authored in a modular format, so the documentation output from the Solution Builder tool is extremely customizable to fit every customer environment.

Another great feature of this tool is to allow our partners and NetApp field provide feedback to the authors of the content. Based on the feedback we receive, we can update the content to fix any errors or incorporate suggestions to improve our content.


Our goal is to have Solution Builder content updated there are new releases of Microsoft software, NetApp client software for Microsoft applications, NetApp Data ONTAP, and NetApp solutions.  As you can see, given the different dependencies and release cycles, our goal is to have content in Solution Builder 90 days after a Microsoft product release date and zero day currency with new NetApp software releases. Right now in Solution Builder, there is content for Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010, and SQL 2012 applications as well as SnapDrive for Windows, SnapManager for Exchange, SnapManager for SQL, and SnapManager for SharePoint for both NetApp Data ONTAP 7-mode and Clustered ONTAP.


Currently, Solution Builder is for NetApp partners and NetApp Field. As a content author, I don’t have any roadmap information for Solution Builder. However, feel free to post any questions, comments or feedback regarding the Microsoft content in the Solution Builder Tool, or even comments about the tool itself. You can also reach out directly to me a If I can’t answer the question, I will find out from the good folks who support the Solution Builder tool to provide you the information you need.


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