NetApp Strategic Cloud Series Highlights Cloud Evolution and the Impact to CIOs

Jon Kissane - Strategic Cloud Series

By Michael Elliott, NetApp Cloud Evangelist 


Disruption is the new norm. Whether it’s new companies like Uber and Airbnb displacing established bricks-and-mortar organizations, or new SaaS applications displacing software programs developed in-house, the IT ecosystem has become a minefield for the CIO.


NetApp recently highlighted these trends during the Strategic Cloud Series held at NetApp Insight. Covering multiple sessions that delved into the evolution of and thought leadership around the cloud, the series showcased industry leaders, customer interviews, and numerous NetApp senior executives. Highlights included:


  • Cloud Evolution and the Impact on the CIO: Jon Kissane, NetApp chief strategy officer, addressed the plethora of choices facing CIOs, as well as the ease of accessing SaaS applications and their impact on the business and CIO.
  • CIO is the Key to Business Success: Kissane next highlighted how the CIO can be the key to business success. He addressed the principle that while CIOs are asked to enable the business, they must balance this with protecting the crown jewels, the data.
  • Cloud as the Innovation Engine: Phil Brotherton, vice president of NetApp’s Data Fabric Group, examined how cloud is the innovation engine, and touched on how reducing friction in the system enables business agility and empowers application developers to unleash innovation.
  • Moving Data to the Cloud – Compliance: Sheila FitzPatrick, NetApp chief privacy officer, discussed compliance issues around storing data in the cloud and provided excellent insight on what you need to know before you move to the cloud.
  • Role of Data Fabric: Kissane next quoted Marc Andreessen on how “software is eating the world,” and pointed out that. while software is the cornerstone of business, data is the key to feeding the business.

The exponential growth of the cloud is creating incredible opportunities for organizations, but it’s also creating new management nightmares. It is imperative that CIOs understand the tradeoffs and implications of their cloud decisions on their future business agility and adaptability. To paraphrase Kissane, ignore the benefits of cloud at your own peril—but ignore its disadvantages at your own peril, too.