New: Server Fault Protection Guide for Data ONTAP Edge

Last year, NetApp introduced its first software-based storage system, Data ONTAP Edge. This innovative storage solution is built on a full blown version of Data ONTAP, the world’s #1 storage OS, with some minor mods to allow it to run in a virtual


One common question about Data ONTAP Edge is whether it can support a high availability (HA) configuration. Meaning, can I have two instances of Data ONTAP Edge running in an active-active relationship with auto failover. Data ONTAP Edge is not designed for that level of redundancy. It is designed for lighter duty applications with modest capacity points, but with a requirement for data protection for DR or vaulting to a central storage site.


Data ONTAP Edge-T includes a license for SnapMirror and SnapVault to replicate or vault volumes from itself to a FAS / V-Series system. This capability allows you to protect against site failure at either end by backing up or mirroring data over a long distance.


But what about local server fault protection? How can I do that with Data ONTAP Edge?


If the space or IT skills aren’t at the local site, and maybe the requirement doesn’t require immediate recovery due to hardware failure, there is a more redundant approach to protect your data with Data ONTAP Edge. Data ONTAP Edge-T allows you to mirror or  vault volumes to another instance of Data ONTAP Edge-T.  As a result, you can configure two instances of Data ONTAP Edge-T on separate servers with mirrored volumes to facilitate rapid recovery due to a server hardware failure. Though the failover is manual, this solution offers a redundant local DR solution in addition to a site to site DR solution.


In order to help you deploy such this local DR configuration, we have published a new guide entitled, “Server Fault Protection with Data ONTAP Edge-T”, which outlines step by step how to configure such an environment. For those of you are visual types, you’ll love all of the screen shots.


If true HA is required at the remote site, the recommended approach is to store your important data on a more robust dedicated storage system, such as the FAS2200. The FAS2200 is competitively priced and presents the right approach when the data protection and performance requirements are more demanding. However, for local redundancy at remote sites, Data ONTAP Edge-T with local DR offers a nice solution for environments with limited resources, modest capacity points and / or tight compartments.


Let me know what you think of the guide as well as how Data ONTAP Edge is able to address some of the needs in your enterprise.

on ‎2013-04-05 02:14 PM

Glad to know this " Data ONTAP Edge-T includes a license for SnapMirror and SnapVault to replicate or vault volumes from itself to a FAS / V-Series system "  , most excelent including published new guide entitled, “Server Fault Protection with Data ONTAP Edge-T”, thanks i'll be checking .

NetApp Employee on ‎2013-04-05 02:19 PM

Would love to hear what you think, Miguel. Thanks for checking it out.

on ‎2013-04-05 02:35 PM

I have several customers trialling this at present. It looks really promising and is a great fit for remote sites.

on ‎2013-04-05 02:42 PM

You said, and no doubt it's so excellent

on ‎2013-04-05 02:47 PM

Sorry this was my comment. I'm logged in now ;-)

NetApp Employee on ‎2013-04-05 02:55 PM

That's fantastic, Michael. Let us know how things progress. Would love feedback on your customers experiences.

NetApp Employee on ‎2013-04-05 02:56 PM

We welcome your feedback, Miguel. Thanks.