Now bundled with clustered Data ONTAP—System Manager 8.3!

sm83.pngNetApp® OnCommand® System Manager for clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 RC1 is now available. Version 8.3 comes bundled with clustered Data ONTAP, removing the need for a separate installation.

System Manager is device-level management software that provides wizards and an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), so you don’t need to be a storage expert to manage NetApp storage. This versatile, browser-based software lets administrators configure and manage their clustered NetApp storage systems simply and easily. This one product can manage multiple classes of storage from the entire NetApp FAS line, including storage running FlexArray storage virtualization software.

What’s new in 8.3?

  • It's now bundled with your new NetApp storage system
  • It includes numerous usability enhancements to streamline administrative tasks:
    • Summarizing disks
    • Support for clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 networking objects
    • Storage pool and SSD allocation units
    • Storage virtual machine (SVM) workflows
    • Protection workflow support for version-flexible NetApp SnapMirror
    • Service processor management support
    • IPv6 support

View a video of OnCommand System Manager 8.3:

For a complete list of features, enhancements, browser and OS versions supported can be found in the product release notes on the NetApp Support and Downloads Pages.
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Sounds like a good idea (almost sounds like FilerView reborn).  We've come back around to using System Manager in our shop after avoiding it for years due to problems with the software.  The later versions have been stable and reliable.


Right now we're using System Manager to manage both our 7DOT and cDOT systems from the same client.  With the "bundled" version of SysMgr I'm guessing that we'll need to continue to use our 3.x client to manage those legacy environments separately and the new SysMgr will be used to manage a single cluster?


What about multiple 8.3 clusters?  Would we need to access a separate SysMgr console for each cluster or can we configure the SysMgr instance to connect to other clusters?




Christopher Olsen


Hi Christopher,

Each System Manager 8.3 instance can only manage that particular Data ONTAP 8.3 cluster.

If you are managing multiple Data ONTAP operating in 7-mode storage systems and clustered Data ONTAP 8.1.x,8.2.x from a single instance of System Manager. When you upgrade to System Manager 3.1.1 you can add Data ONTAP 8.3 to the inventory page. SM 3.1.1 can manage multiple, 7-mode, clustered Data ONTAP 8.1.x/8.2.x systems, as well as enable the user to add Data ONTAP 8.3 and launch System Manager 8.3.

Hope this was helpful.


In this new delivery model for System Manager, will we ever be able to upgrade System Manager independently of ontap? I'm not fond of having to upgrade ontap just to fix a System Manager bug, especially with large enterprise clients who only get to upgrade ontap once, twice at most, a year.

kunalm Netapp Alumni

System Manager has been very stable in the past couple of years and we didn't have to release any patch. Also think of it as a feature of ONTAP, just like SnapMirror or CIFS. In the circumstance that a critical bug arise in System Manager an ONTAP patch would be released (just like today for other features).




Kudos for the great performance improvement in this new version System Manager.  However, is there any way to integrate AD at the cluster level for System Manager authentication?  It seems like a step backwards to have to use local accounts for cluster admin management.

kunalm Netapp Alumni

Currently there is no way to integrate AD at cluster level. Since you mentioned that its a step backward, can you explain what you were doing earlier with the standalone version of System Manager.



Any idea, whether IPSpaces will be in System Manager in the final release?

(creating/managing them, I know they do appear e.g. in Cluster/Network...)


Also (just in from my students): will a VSAdmin ever be able to use a GUI

(e.g. System Manager logging in via SVM Management address)


Thanks in advance







The ability to create and manage IP Spaces from System Manager will be available in a System Manager release scheduled for later this year.System Manager 8.3 GA release will provide the ability to create and manage broadcast domains, subnets, network interface and other network objects.

SM 8.3 GA release does not support IP Spaces management. Command line can be used to create IP Spaces and these are recognized in System Manager.


w.r.t SVM scoped administration. This is a high priority item for System Manager. This is currently under discussion.










I second the SVM scoped administration via GUI!


Usually you delegate SVM administration to less experienced (NetApp) admins, like Windows admins.

I'm pretty sure, they'd prefer GUI-based administration...


(I still remember the SnapManager 2 Beta, where you could directly manage vFilers...)


Gretings from Düsseldorf




Hello All,

I am new to Netapp and have setup the NetApp Sim 8.3 RC1. As per you article it say I can access Oncommand System Manager using a web browser.

When I try to use the Element manager uing https://IP_address/cem I get a message "Data ONTAP Element Manager is no longer available. You can use OnCommand System Manager to manage your storage system from a Web browser."


When I try the System manager via browser using

https://IP_address/sysmgr  I get a message "The requested URL /sysmgr was not found on this server."


There is not connectivity issue as everything is local.


How can I check if Sys manager is actually running on my Sim.


Many Thanks



1. To access System Manager Use https://IP address of cluster management interface. check if IP address is reachable from your laptop/management station.


If System Manager is not accessible

From CLI  run vserver services web show command to check if system manager service is enabled, if not enable and try to access System Manager

With vsims , check if cluster management LIF is in its home port,  run "net int show cluster_mgmt" command.

If cluster management LIF is not in its home port, use net int modify command to move cluster management LIF to its home port, try to access System Manager







I run a multi-tenancy environment giving each of my students their own 'space' in our VMware environment to create VMs, etc. I would love to use the SVM's _if_ they could be controlled by each student via the OC System Manager. Using the same active directory structure as the Vcenter Server does, I could then give them REAL control over their own storage, without endangering other student storage. This makes it much more important for them to pay attention as they are in control!


Is this possible now? I know a year or two back it was not.





SVM scoped administration is not available with System Manager. To login to System Manager a user needs cluster administrator credentials.



Is it possible to change session timeout?


Why have network interfaces been moved to cluster view. It used to be located under each SVM. I think it was more logical before.


Regards, Bektas


To change Session timeout

  • After logging into System Manager  - click Administration - Settings in Top right corner of the System Manager application window
  • Specify the inactivity timeout value in minutes

All network related objects have been moved under cluster view starting Data ONTAP 8.3. Design change in Data ONTAP 8.3. In previous releases, networking objects were distributed under cluster view , SVM and Node view.

Hi bmarie,


We are running cdot 8.3.1P2 and above.  You mentioned that integrated OCSM only works if cluster mgmt lif is on home node / port. Why doesnt OCSM work if clus mgmt lif is migrated or node fails over??   Isn't it an web browser https interface with controlled access using firewall policy??   My thought is if lif migrates for any reason and mgmt firewall policy is assigned to lif then OCSM should still work.