Options for Migrating Data to Clustered ONTAP

When migrating data, aligning with a hardware technology refresh if possible makes it easier because clustered Data ONTAP can be deployed using the newly acquired storage systems without requiring temporary hardware. When the new FAS storage cluster is in place, data is simply moved from the 7-Mode systems to the new cluster. 

One tool to migrate 7-Mode NFS and CIFS volumes, is the 7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT). The 7MTT is a customer-accessible tool that facilitates the migration of NetApp Data ONTAP 7G and 7-Mode FlexVol NFS and CIFS volumes and configurations to new hardware that is running clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 and later. The 7MTT uses NetApp SnapMirror to migrate data, which offers the advantages of preserving storage efficiency and NetApp Snapshot copies. In addition, volume SnapMirror relationships can be migrated without having to transfer all the data from primary to secondary.



Figure) The 7MTT process illustrating both automated and manual steps.


7MTT minimizes the time that your data is offline by first doing a baseline SnapMirror transfer. When the baseline is complete the tool starts performing incremental updates based on the timetable you set. During this time, the primary 7-Mode volume is online and continues to serve data as normal. Incremental updates continue until you decide to cut over, which is the only time when clients see an outage. The amount of time needed to cut over depends on the time needed to finish an incremental update. Three to four minutes is typical to complete the final incremental update. Once the final incremental update occurs, you need to manually disconnect your clients from the volumes you are moving before cutting over. Then redirect your clients or restart application services to use the volumes in the new location.


Another method to migrate data is using the migration capabilities within applications that allow you to minimize or eliminate application downtime. A few of examples are:

  • VMware Storage vMotion. It's considered a best practice to use Storage vMotion to migrate VMware environments. The only drawback to this approach is that snapshot copies and storage efficiency savings aren't retained and will need to be reapplied at the destination.
  • Oracle Automatic Storage Management can be used to migrate Oracle database data.


To migrate SAN data, NetApp offers the DTA2800 as a LUN migration tool for moving from 7-Mode or third party storage to clustered Data ONTAP while minimizing downtime. It supports both online and offline FC and iSCSI SAN data migrations.


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Can this method be used to transition both SAN & NAS Data ?


Transitioning volumes manually

You can copy data from the  7-Mode volumes to the  clustered Data ONTAP  volumes manually by using the clustered Data ONTAP SnapMirror commands. However, you must manually set up protocols, services, and other configuration on the cluster after transition  is complete.