Quality Patient Care with Continuous Access to Critical Data – Learn More at HIMSS Next Week About Clustered Data ONTAP for MEDITECH

By Charles Mallio, Strategic Alliances Manager – Healthcare, NetApp


Imagine you have a life threatening medical condition causing for immediate assistance. A medical professional arrives and immediately accesses your most pertinent healthcare information through an EHR (electronic health record). This information will influence their decisions over the next few critical minutes and could ultimately save your life.


Now imagine, the EHR is part of a technology system refresh and your medical professional loses access to that data.  Scary right?


NetApp enables 24x7 authorized access to information stored and managed through its clustered Data ONTAP storage operating system with nondisruptive operations (NDO). NDO enables businesses to help eliminate planned downtime and service their infrastructure without disrupting the authorized access to user data and applications.


At HIMSS in 2013, NetApp announced MEDITECH’s certification of NetApp FAS storage for its EHR systems. This year, we are pleased to announce that with our most recent round of MEDITECH certification testing, NetApp FAS systems running the clustered Data ONTAP storage operating system are approved for use with MEDITECH EHR systems.


Let’s take a closer look at non-disruptive operations (NDO), as this NetApp feature is a FIRST for MEDITECH-certified storage arrays.What do we mean by non-disruptive operations? An NDO storage platform allows customers to conduct business 24x7 with a storage system that evolves with their business needs. With cDOT, customers realize the following benefits.


  • The potential to eliminate planned and unplanned downtime
  • No application downtime for maintenance and tech refreshes or upgrades
  • Storage efficient backups



This is critical in the 24x7 business of healthcare. As doctors and other caregivers come to rely on their EHRs to provide quality patient care, downtime is unacceptable. Even a small downtime window may compromise patient care. With NetApp FAS storage systems running cDOT, customers no longer have to compromise.


MEDITECH customers who choose NetApp FAS storage systems running cDOT can now worry more about patient care and less about data storage, confident in the knowledge that storage downtimes won’t keep them from the EHR data they need to treat their patients.


Background: Under the HITECH Act, the United States Department of Health and Human Services allocated billions of dollars to promote and expand the adoption of health information technology.  This included incentive payments for physicians who adopted and demonstrated “meaningful use” of electronic health records (EHR). Fast forward to 2014, and virtually every physician and hospital has chosen a certified EHR. Among certified EHR systems, MEDITECH is the most common, in use by 27% of US hospitals.


Learn more about NetApp’s Healthcare Data Storage Solutions at:


If you are attending next week’s HIMSS, please stop by the NetApp Booth 2773.

NetApp Employee on ‎2014-02-19 09:14 AM

Hi, Charlie.

I'd like to add that we're excited to have Kirk Larson, VP and CIO of Children's Hospital Central California, presenting at HIMSS next Wednesday at 8:30am. The title of his Education Session is "Delivering Business Value with an Agile Data Infrastructure." More information can be found here: I hope the NetApp folks in attendance will make a point of joining his audience to show their support.