Rumor Has It

by Mark Welke, Senior Director Product Marketing

There has been talk in the industry around an upcoming NetApp announcement. We’re excited people are talking and cannot wait to share the details. But like all good things, you’ll need to wait.

However, in the meantime, here is a sneak peek……

This month, we will announce the completion of our FAS product portfolio refresh, including our highest-performance FAS system ever. We are giving enterprises and service providers the ability to respond more quickly and efficiently to rapidly changing business requirements. This is particularly important for larger organizations that must manage IT at scale worldwide and better balance opportunity, cost, and risk. 

With this announcement, NetApp is enabling our customers to execute on their vision of an adaptive IT environment that delivers superior value from investments that allow customers to move seamlessly to the era of unbound clouds. We are also meeting the needs of organizations’ business-critical applications, which have low tolerance for unpredictable performance or downtime. Lastly, NetApp will demonstrate how we are evolving our portfolio, in partnership with customers, to simplify the process of getting more long-term value from IT resources.  

NetApp shared storage infrastructures enable organizations to respond quickly and cost effectively to changing market conditions. Last year we began the ambitious task of enhancing NetApp’s FAS hybrid storage systems to address the requirements of the most demanding workloads. We introduced our next-generation FAS unified scale-out storage architecture for the enterprise in February. And you can expect our announcement to complete that line with new cloud-integrated, flash-accelerated systems.

With this announcement, we will continue to enhance our delivery of flash, in hybrid and all-flash configurations. We are improving efficiency and accelerating performance with our most powerful scale-out array ever, purpose-built for the most-demanding business-critical applications.

Customers will continue to benefit from native software-defined storage capabilities, provided through clustered Data ONTAP, that enable application owners to dynamically respond to demand shifts and instantly deploy new services. Data ONTAP enables customers to seamlessly manage and control data from the local office to the data center to the cloud, all on a single shared storage infrastructure.

We love hearing the buzz around our upcoming FAS Series Storage Systems roll out. In the meantime, look for additional details around our launch, make sure to join us for an upcoming Twitter Chat and continue to read our blog for insights on how we are partnering with customers for IT success.

Till then, please watch this video from George Kurian, NetApp’s EVP of Product Operations, discuss how NetApp helps customers transform their organization and business through data management and storage innovation.