System Setup 3.1 is Now Available!

ssfinal.pngSystem Setup 3.1 RC1 is now available for simplifying FAS system installation. The System Setup utility tool takes partners and customers through a series of simple steps to set up un-configured FAS2220, FAS2240, FAS25xx, FAS3220, FAS3250, FAS62xx, or FAS80xx platforms. After setup is complete, users are able to launch OnCommand System Manager for configuration and day-to-day management of their NetApp storage.


System Setup 3.1 new features:

  • Support page enhancements (NetApp® AutoSupport™ system and EMS event notifications)
  • All-Flash FAS extension
  • IPv6 support (Data ONTAP 8.3 only)
  • Service Processor IP configurations (Data ONTAP 8.3 only)
  • Configurable management ports (Data ONTAP 8.3 only)
  • NTP configuration (Data ONTAP 8.3 only)

For a complete list of features, enhancements, browser and OS versions supported view the product release notes on the NetApp Support Site.


Occasional Contributor

Hi I just used system setup to setup a new cluster with a customer today. really nice tool and my customer was really impressed with not having to use the command line.... but we got stuck.


its probably a corner case but the customer is in a lab and they dont have dns setup and they are using the fas for block protocals so no need for dns. anyways the system setup will not let us progress with out populating dns information, it would be nice to have a check box option that allows users in dns deficient environments to proceed without dns information.


we had to drop into the command line and finish the setup BUT we really liked system setup. we would have had to drop into cli eventually since there is no support for fcoe in system setup currently....


great tool, be great if it could accomodate environments that dont have dns Smiley Happy