Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 48: ONTAP 9 Manageability Tools

Episode 48 - ONTAP 9 Manageability Tools


We wrap up “ONTAP 9 Month” here at the Tech ONTAP Podcast with Joel Kaufman (@thejoelk), a Director of Technical Marketing here at NetApp. We discuss the new and improved manageability tools in ONTAP 9 – OnCommand System Manager and Performance Manager, as well as some of the other new features available in this robust release.


Do you want more information on ONTAP 9? We have dedicated the entire month of June to ONTAP 9, and over the coming weeks we will be deep diving into some of the most popular and interesting features of ONTAP 9.  Be sure to follow our "ONTAP 9 Month" playlist and you can expect to hear more about manageability, data protection, efficiency, security, usability, and much more as we talk with experts from across NetApp.



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Thanks guys, Looking forward to kicking the tires on OnTap9

New Contributor

Gotta say, I really don't like the new ONTAP 9 interface. As an se in the Partner Solution Center, I spent a year figuring out how to make System Manager seem "easy" to use in comparrison to competitive interfaces. While the new interface is arguably prettier, it's now  more complex to find the same features. I think the C level executives might like it better but the actual users I've shown don't like the fact they have to jump back and forth between tabs when previously they could see everything in a single pane of glass.

In this podcast the use of vagrant to deploy the vsim (including ontap9 RC release) was briefly discussed. I looked at and nothing is there that I could find. I did find this on github: but that hasn't been updated for a good long while although it does cover 8.3. I suspect it may work just fine with the 9.0 release of the vsim.  Is this the vagrantfile/configuration discussed on the episode or is it somewhere else?