The NetApp Protection Index Visualized the Super Bowl XLVIII Champion.

The Super Bowl XLVIII Champion may have been a surprise to most, but the NetApp Protection Index envisioned Seattle’s victory at the end of regular season play. The NetApp Protection Index has ranked NFL team performance throughout the regular season based on their protection of the ball, the red-zone, end zone and their quarterback. Seattle claimed the No. 1 Protection Index spot during the final week of regular season play and their Super Bowl XLVIII victory proves that teams who protect their assets best, rise to the top.

Not one player on Seattle’s 53-man roster has played in a Super Bowl, while Denver’s veteran roster had many members who have experienced the thrill of a Super Bowl.  Both teams were powerhouses throughout the season, but when it comes down to it, Seattle’s ability to protect all of their assets provided them the edge they needed to bring the Super Bowl XLVIII victory home.

Seattle led the league in turnover differential, was tied for the lead in fewest defensive red zone attempts and led the league in fewest red zone touchdowns allowed. Seattle was able to protect their assets and prevented teams from putting points on the board all season. In addition, Seattle took care of the ball on offense, tying for second place in the NFC in giveaways.

How many times do we hear defense wins championships, offense puts points on the board? Football is not a game of one or the other, and the NetApp Protection Index proves this. Teams that successfully protect both their offensive and defensive assets will emerge as top contenders, and as this year shows, walk away with a Super Bowl victory.

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