Troubleshooting CIFS / SMB 3.0 share Permission Issues for Data ONTAP SMI-S agent 5.1 and SCVMM 2012 R2

When we create a CIFS File share on a NetApp cDOT 8.2.1 controller using SCVMM 2012 R2, there are no permissions which are assigned to the newly created CIFS / SMB 3.0 share, due to this we are unable to copy any files to the share as the newly created share lacks read/write access.


Let me illustrate this with an example, below you can see a CIFS share (fileshare_smbsharehyperv) which i created on my fileshare Hyper_V_PR_Quorum using SCVMM2012R2 and SMI-S integration.



When i try accessing the share via a network path, the share is inaccessible and i receive an access denied error.



Now lets examine the permissions of the share from ONTAP perspective using NetApp OnCommand System Manager, here you can see that there are no permissions assigned to the share and hence its rendered inaccessible.



Now let me try assigning this share to My Hyper-V cluster for my Hyper-V over SMB environment. As you can see below the Job status fails an i receive an access denied error.


Now lets again look at the share from the ONTAP perspective using NetApp OnCommand System Manager, here you can see that there are a new set of permissions assigned to the share which includes access rights to the owner account which initiated the JOB and both the computer accounts of the Hyper-V Cluster, the account which is not listed here is the VMM service account.



So let me provide the VMM service account share access control, you can do this using the powershell tool kit cmdlets / via system manager, lets modify the access level to full control.



Next lets restart the failed job in SCVMM, you would see that the JOB and its Sub-JOBS get successfully completed and now SCVMM has full access to the file share, similarly you can configure and  add a CIFS SMB 3.0 share created in SCVMM as a library share directly in SCVMM 2012 R2.




Note :- Make sure that the File share resolves both from IP and Name from all the Hosts which are part of the Hyper-V Cluster, DNS resolving issues add up to variety of issues faced with Hyper-V over SMB deployment.


Next try creating a VM from a vhdx file placed on a CIFS library share and enjoy the magic of ODX based provisioning.




I hope that you have enjoyed this blog entry and have found this information helpful.


Good Luck!





I am currently trying to deploy Hyper-v 2012 R2 using SCVMM 2012 R2 and a new Netapp 3220 as part of a flexpod bundle.  I have been following your articles and have successfully added the FAS as a storage provider and can see it in VMM.  I keep running into the same issue you described with the network path.  I have been unable to access the CIFS share using the UNC path from the host.  I can access it using the IP Address.  I also noticed that none of my CIFS file shares how the size.  They all show 0 MB when I know this not to be the case.  I have verified permissions on the NetApp and can ping the SMB interface on the Netapp but still cannot get it to work.  Would you have any suggestions?  I have CIFS running on a seperate non routable VLAN I verified the hosts have connectivity via IP address.

I had the same issue where I was not able to access the NetApp shares via the UNC path but could access via IP address. This turned out to be a simple issue of time skew between the NetApp SVM and the active directory domain. After getting this synced up that issue went away.

I am curious to know if you got the issue where the share size shows 0MB resolved. I am having this same issue and not finding much info out there on it. I can verrify that SVMM properly set the quota for the size of the share I wanted to create.

Let me know.